Black Pelvis



BORN:  17/09 1204 SA in Kustu

RACE: Findograa/Ortagui

REALM: Mentalism

AURA: Violet

HEIGHT: 178 cm




7th of The Torch


“As one of the Bards he was somewhat entertaining, but in The Torch he became as nasty as the Romasai plague.

Skjald Yell'a'beard



Its said Black Pelvis father was a Ortagui soldier who raped Black Elvis Findograa mother when attacking their village. Being thus concieved, the childhood was not easy. So, his anger towards those failing to protect the village, was great and he grew a habit of public mocking the village and Country leaders.

As times passed he became a sharp, but entertaining, tongue of protest. At some point he went from entertaining fool to annoyance for the leadership. So they decided to teach him a lesson and had him assulted. That only encouraged him further and an assassination attempt followed, which sadly killed his mother and grandparents. So he became a even more harsh tongue and spiralled himself into bad standing with all leadership. Eventually he had to leave the village and began travelling all Kustu, then all Mealis. As he heard rumors about a coming High King and The Realm he left for Midgard and began circling the shadows of those in favour of The Realm.

Slowly he began jesting publically about them and he eventually became so popular, that he became a Bard. But, he also caught the eye of The Torch, an old organization working to create unrest, as its during troubled times the most wealth are to be gained. So, at some point around 1229 Second Age or so, he joined their ranks -and quickly climbed upwards.

Being a seasoned user of Combat Herbs he disliked the plans Black Oak had for banning these. He participated in the assassination plan of Black Oak with people from Deadly Assasins.

Skjald Sigurd


After the failed attempt he stayed out of public light for a long time. But, in the uprise against the 1st Alliance in 1248-1250 S.A., he was one of the vanguard that tried beat the realmsters. Somehow he managed to flee the scene so we suspect that he dies know some Magic Paths.

Skjald Sejrik


Going into hiding was never hard for members of The Torch, as tgey gave supporters throughout The Realm. He stayed hidden until The Great Invasion, wheee he suddenly appeared in Zapri leading an attack on Ye Olde Zaphirs. He was seen several times during the years of war, but since the Cleansing Crusade no reports of him at all.

Skjald El Mary



Able to use Mentalism Magic Paths.

Skjald Valgrif

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