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  • Laurentin Sorteg
  • Mayor Tri-M
  • Huse Seum
  • Mic'O Zento
  • Ze Muff
  • Ja Jeco Jorvi
  • P'awi Skyma
  • Mües li Viper

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1221 F.A. founded

1281 it joined Battle of Weeping Plains


“Bulls Order at their core, Mayor Tri-M, the mastermind behind it all, and F.F. Jaeger, the skilled Blacksmith at the anvil—they swiftly ascended to the ranks of mighty Hordes.”

Skjald Vinotis



Fourth Age

The tale of Bulls Order is a swift and brutal one, shrouded in the mist of time.

Menni Jes, a shrewd trader with a keen eye, had spent years accumulating wealth through his dealings across the country of Skium. In the year 1207, he cleverly sold his trading company to Nobility. Nefius of Markeoy, secretly using the proceeds to acquire real estate in and around the city of Muldum of Markeoy. Thus, his master plan for seizing control of the city took its first steps.

In 1219, the enigmatic F.F. Jaeger sought out Mino the Blacksmith, two key figures who would shape the destiny of Bulls Order—one mythological, the other physical.

The year 1220 marked Menni’s first move, as he spent vast amounts of wealth swaying the masses and bribing country officials, leading to his election as the Mayor of Muldum, now known as Mayor Tri-M. Over the next five years, the transformation to the Free City of Muldum became a reality in 1225, but without the strength to defend their newfound freedom. Secretly, Menni Jes hired Mino the Blacksmith, F.F. Jaeger, and other skilled followers to produce arms and train a strong militia. Laurentin Sorteg and Lemi Sveall, were chosen to lead the militia.

Just as they were ready to break free from the shackles of the nobility and detach from King Nefius’s plot, Mino the Blacksmith mysteriously disappeared in 1230, leaving his followers leaderless. Mayor Tri-M had to seize the momentum, rapidly unfolding the plan at a meeting in the Council of Light, announcing the city’s transformation into the Free City of Muldum and the establishment of the Bulls Order to protect it.

Such was the combined strength of the Free City of Muldum and Bulls Order that the agents and military of their local petty king and King Nefius dared not challenge the revolt with armed forces or assassins.

The saga of Bulls Order remains a captivating testament to the determination and cunning of its leaders, their names echoing through history as legendary figures who shaped the destiny of the Free City of Muldum. The legacy of Bulls Order endures, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of time.

Skjald Sigurd


In 1230, Bulls Order emerged and quickly became one of the Greater Hordes, casting aside the demands of Markeoys nobility to declare the ‘Free City of Muldum.’ The Order expanded its influence, offering protection to nearby farmlands around the lake and winning the loyalty of peasants and fishermen who accepted their new protectors.

Driven by their own agenda, the Bulls Order disregarded the High King's decrees. Thus they engaged in Combat Herbs, trading with various Organisation, including The Torch, and Deadly Assasins. Laurentin Sorteg claimed that if such deals occurred, it was without their council’s knowledge, as their surface image showed unwavering support for the High King.

The year 1281 saw Bulls Order at the centre of the Battle of Weeping Plains, a devastating conflict that claimed the lives of many of their outstanding leaders, knights, and Drakk Alfar.

Skjald Valgrif



With an influx of skilled fighters, scholars, craftsmen, and Mana Manipulators like Ze Muff, Herdsman, Tuese Olse, and Mües li Viper, Bulls Order’s core grew exponentially. They amassed vast numbers in both the city guard and hand of revenge, and whenever outnumbered, their hidden Silver mine resources and manipulators’ Magic ensured their strength.

Aware that brute force might not always suffice against formidable adversaries, the Order’s leaders wisely chose a defensible spot on Mt. Whok, not far from the Free City of Muldum. Constructing their castle in the image of setils They constructed their castle in the image of setils. The Lair and Mazeuri of the T'Aurs. Their great dominating castle did, though, anger the local nobility, including The Earl of Woktor Valley and the Archmage Manipulators, led by Nikko Lia. With divine aid and colossal effort, the castle Bulls Maze was completed in just seven years.

With their formidable stronghold and the wealth from the newly discovered silver mine, the Bulls Order found themselves liberated from any economic ties to the Free City of Muldum. Their self-sufficiency allowed them to uphold land and tax claims from anyone who sought to join their ranks. As they became less involved in the city’s administration, their ownership of properties and resources in Muldum became a rarity, shifting their focus towards praising Mino and embarking on quests to uncover his whereabouts.

In 1240, a significant turning point occurred as a result of their fervent search for their elusive leader. Bulls Order formally established a knighthood, and those members who had dedicated seven years of their lives in the quest for Mino’s whereabouts were honoured with knighthood. These knights became a symbol of unwavering loyalty and dedication to the order’s cause.

As the years passed, this relentless pursuit of Mino and the focus on the knighthood gradually led to a slow but certain disconnection between Bulls Order and the Free City of Muldum. While they had once been tightly entwined, their paths now diverged, and Bulls Order began to operate more independently.

However, even as the ties between Bulls Order and the Free City of Muldum loosened, the legend of their rise to power and might persisted, leaving an enduring mark on the history of Muldum and the surrounding lands. Bulls Order, with its legendary leaders and skilled knights, became a symbol of strength, determination, and the relentless pursuit of their goals. Their legacy, woven through the annals of time, remains an unforgettable chapter in the epic tale of the Free City of Muldum and the rise of the mighty Hordes.

The first Order Knightings occurred in 1247:

  • 1247 Si'r Barf'Alot
  • 1248 Si'r Long'Lid
  • Mües li Viper

Skjald Vinotis



Bulls Order fiercely enforced revenge on anyone daring to attack them or steal from their members.

Skjald Kazumix


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