BORN: 29/3 1173 in Falbur

RACE: Darim/Realmar

REALM: Channelling

AURA: Cyan

HEIGHT: 182 cm


Explorer of the Rim

Cartographer of The Realm


1173 Born

1189 Shipwrecked

1190 Meet Valgrif

1190 Join Ye Olde Zaphirs

1191 Visit The Rim

1197 Return to Grindaa

1220 Encounter a Ye'Til

1221 Meet Sessy, Nahita, and Wilson

1224 Meet Aragon

1232 Pass below The Rim

1234 Return to The Realm

1253 Slay a Dragon

1277 Visit The Rim

1279 Join the 2. Alliance

1281 Join the Cleansing Crusade


“For a Human he has travelled more than most elders from any Race.”

Skjald Ulrich



Born in Port Merono by a Scholar from Darim and a local Scribe. He was the youngest son in a flock of 6, and from an early age interested in his fathers stories about the mysterious frozen land down south. Especially the high mountain chain called The Rim, stretching across the entire planet, had his interest.

Living in a port he had access to the sea and became an excellent swimmer, and with mountains nearby he also became a skilled climber. In 1189 the family sailed off to visit the birth-lands, but when the ship was between Efron and Spiy a storm rose and sank the vessel. Themac drifted ashore in northern Spiy and after a fruitless search of other survivors, he became egg-collector at the cliff sides of Spiy.

Skjald Vinotis


A year later he was at a tavern in the docks, when Skjald Valgrif asked to share table. A good long talk later, they had agreed to sail south to Darin. The next day a vessel anchored for provisions, and one one of the crew, a large muscular fella carrying 3 large sacks of grain caught Valgrifs eye. Recognizing the colours of Ye Olde Zaphirs he approached and asked the mans name and the ships destination, “Pakara, Tornix“, he grinned and was off.

So the longest, but easiest part was soon settled and going. As they sailed south Themac noticed some odd mist at Larboard and was told that out there in the mist laid the volcano named Mt. Vula. Only to be approached through the Astral, or magic devices. Puzzled Themac decided he would one day go there, by boat…

Skjald Sejrik


After a short stay in Tornix he went with Pakara to Ye Olde Zaphirs. And within a month he was full blown member of their Horde, roaming their borders with Dagthorr, Myth and other hardened warriors. He became fond of mapping the lands and finding paths, and as his skills grew he challenged himself to find lost or secret paths. Training his orientation skills so he one day could best the mist of Mt. Vula. It was during these mountain expeditions that he one day learned about The Rim. A impassable wall of mountains blocking off a fantastic rich world with odd creatures and riches beyond imagination.

A month later, in 1191  he was again in Tornix, hooking up with some fur hunters aiming for The Rim, to collect rare furs. He stayed there for 6  years, trying to cross the wall of mountains, without success. Then one day in 1197 he heard familiar language from a nearby table at the inn, rose and walking over asking if he could join.

It turned out it was Coposim, of the Monster Hunters, who had slain a Mammutan and now roaming here for even bigger ones. Themac thought this odd news, but knowing of their library and old wise ones he and asked if Coposim would care to come to Grindaa and tell this to Kaziganthi. And he was sure he could aid him with access to their library. So in 1197 Themac and Coposim stood at the great hall of Ye Olde Zaphirs

Skjald Sigurd


In the autumn of 1220 after Themac had several trips throughout the Isles he was again at The Rim. Where he one day in a remote mountain pass, saw a odd ape like creature. Telling of this at the next inn, the words spread throughout the Isles.

So in the spring of 1221 he met Sessy, Nahita and Wilson, who was looking for him as they wanted to hear about the Ye'Til. They joined forces and found many an interesting paths, but not a single specimen of the creature they sought.

So, in early 1223 Sessy left, and late in the autumn Nahita and Wilson departed as well.

Skjald El Mary


He was not alone for long. I’ve heard from Themac, that he in 1224 met Aragon and his mentor Vervur Mortarr at The Rim. They where studying how Magic outbursts was influenced by the odd anti- magic and spiritual area and he showed them secret paths up the mountains so they was as close to the top as possible. Aragon told me that never again has he been that far south.

Skjald Ulrich


In 1232 Themac met a bewildered youngster, uncertain where he was. It turned out to be Krokus who had teleported himself to The Rim. As Themac possessed some Shards he led him to the site and they activated it and stepped onto the Astral. Themac navigation and orientation skills led them across The Rim, and he finally saw ‘the world beyond’. There they acted with care and learned some disturbing facts about other races and politics brewing. They returned to The Realm in the winter of 1234.


Back at The Realm Themac went straight to Black Oak and Kaziganthi where he stayed when Aragon showed up to see their Hordes might. Aragon joined their ranks for a while, but an assassination of his wife and kids made him retract and leave.

Skjald Sejrik


Themac spent most time patrolling their lands and studying at their library, and even though he attended coronations and fairs he generally stood in the shadows observing. His trips to The Rim became rare as he had learned that Teleport Sites gave him access to the Astral and from it he could enter our world anywhere he liked. The only problem was returning, so he began intense studies in Astral.

It was mapping Teleport Sites that brought him to The Rim in 1253, where he met Sessy and Zyr 'O' Loth. Sessy agreed to show him the pass she knew and he traveled along. And it was on that travel he for the first time encountered a Dragon.

They where about 100 kilometers away from The Rim and chose to enter some tunnels that looked like they could be underground river going beneath a large mountain range. Deep within they entered a rather large cave and as they had crossed halfway to the other end walking towards the sound of rushing waters. When suddenly they noticed something glimpsing in the shadows of their light. Reaching it they realized it was the scales of a living creature, larger than anything they had seen before. And suddenly a large reptilian eye opened and they could hear its puzzled voice within their minds, “Humans of your kind south of The Wall. Something bad must be brewing and it should not boil.”. Their long experience with danger saved them, because it rose to it might in but a heartbeat and spewed fire at them. Themac shielded their minds, Sessy shielded their bodies, and Zyr 'O' Loth transformed himself to a living fist of Gulmur. With insane speed boosted by his comrades he charged in and sliced the belly of the Dragon and severed it one foot. Then as it shrieked in agony he swung himself up on its right wing, running the few steps towards its neck as he cut through the wing, rendering it useless.

As it turned its head to engulf him in flames, Themac made a staggering outburst and gave it a mental blast halting it for a heartbeat. Then its head was engulfed in a rainbow of coloured flames and it ended its utter confusion when Zyr 'O' Loth forced his longsword down deep into its brain. Thus the trio survived awakening a Dragon and Zyr 'O' Loth gained his ‘Dragon Twins* weapons.

Skjald El Mary


Then in 1277 Kaziganthi had felt a shift in things and asked if he would visit and examine The Rim again. So, there at the Lofgren Peninsula he stood, when hundreds of Aquerian came flying across The Rim. One eyeing him and deviating from its path it swooped down -forgetting that here at The Rim magic was weak it had but melee to best Themac with. A severe mistake as Themac’s skills with ‘blade-jumping’ quickly made it loose its legs, then head. Thus, did Themac become the 1st slayer of Aquerian.

He hurried back to Grindaa only to find it razed. Then in 1179 he finally caught up with the remaining of The Realm and the Cleansing Crusade

Skjald Ulrich



Due his intense travel and stays in mountain ranges, The Rim and at the Astral he has an outstanding Stamina.