BORN: 26/07 1197 in SA Trov

RACE: Tatongol/Moss'ari

REALM: Channelling

AURA: Yellow

HEIGHT: 173 cm





Never has anyone else shared her childhood talent, as a focal point and embodiment of her female siblings studies and practice. When they where slain by the insane mob, their Spirits took shelter within her and infused her with tremendeous power. “

Skjald Sejrik



Born as the 8th daughter of a Clerk in the Dawn Awakeners she had plenty of time and reason to study the art of Healing even when a young child. And somehow, it was a far more easy and rapid thing for her than for all her elder sisters. The more they worked to stay ahead of her, the more she advanced ahead of them. Almost as if she where the embodiment of their combined work and they began to dislike her for it.

Her parents on the other hand where delighted, as they advanced through society ranks in their order due siring this wonder. As they climbed the social ladder, her sisters finally began to understand and appriciate, exactly what the 8 daughters of Stjernbjerg where. So they began to care about and work with their little sister, making the leaders of their order take special interest in the girls. It was a life of hard studies, but a joyous one, as progress paid itself with ever more attention and luxury.

Skjald Vinotis


In 1209 as her elder sister where preparing for the adulthood ritual, the Shaman noticed 2 small red dots at her neck. Seemingly a bite-mark that had infested and he ordered an old Healer to examine it. The old crone saw the marks, and stammered, “Vampires, Vampires has bitten this child.” A quick examination of a few other sisters revealed the same, yet almost healed marks. Then all hell broke loose and some malicious rascals, envious of the Stjernbjergs rise to power and glory, saw their chance to make room for new ones in the hall.

So, they rallied around the claim that the children had all been bitten by a Vampire and a hunt for all 8 began. Rianna, their mother, was with Sessy out of town that day. Upon returning home, as they climbed over the nearby hill crest, They saw townsfolk assembled down outside the city. Seemingly about to burn people at the stake, as some fires where being lit.

And then pain struck Sessy as she could feel flames lick and tear at her sisters and father. Screaming in agony, she fainted. When she woke, she where among the cargo in a wagon. Pulled by her mother, it was scrambling through some unknown wood. A faint whisper, made her mother halt and attend her, “Finally awaken my child!? All but you are dead and we are in Etain now. I curse Allele, but our bane the more!”. With a faint, “Allele?”, Sessy fainted again.

Skjald El Mary


Recovery from the massive system shock was slow, so they stayed at an inn in the mid sized trade town of Wienerburg. Sessy mostly at her room and her mother worked as a Dyer to hide their identity. But from time to time, the recovering Sessy was outside at the markets, enjoying the breath of life and pulsing of people.

It was one of those days, sitting outside with her mother, studying some nearby young hotheads contest in wrestling. When one of the bystanders began to stare at them, then pulled his comrades sleeves and they strode to the table, “Lady Rianna, and should I say Lady Sessy? So we finally found you…”. Rianna jumped up and threw her honey-brew in the face of the speaker, screaming, “Murderer, you lot killed my children and my husband”. Then she silenced, staring down at her belly, where one of the other men had stabbed her with his rapier.

Sessy felt some bond disconnect from her as her mother looked at her, and died smiling with a breathless whisper, “Take revenge child, take…”. Then, suddenly she felt the full force of her siblings within her and in one single outburst of reversed healing, she took what was not hers. The four men, closing on her to the screams of the nearby guests withnessing Riannas murder. Weapons drawn and licking lips for the bounty in young flesh ahead and eventually gold coins coming their way -withered moaning, until they looked a thousand years old.

Then they exploded in a poof of dried dust, covering a muscular young warrior who’s blade would have otherwise done the job of cutting them in half. “Oh, I see, you can handle things yourself. Well I’m Amras. And sorry for your loss there…”, he said and gestured at Rianna’s corpse.

I’ve heard some claim that Amras visited Sessy often in the weeks that passed, and that he traveled with her out the northern gate when she left for Khemâl. But I have no reports of them going there, unless they where involved in the rather large amount of people becoming sick and dying in Khemâl in the winter of 1210.

Amras are first seen again in the summer of 1211 in port Calbina in Snaw where he sailed to Ye Olde Zaphirs in Zapri.

Skjald Sejrik


She told me she fought down the urge to utterly destroy those ignorant and the malicious people behind her family’s death. And that when she parted with Amras in the autumn of 2011 she left for Hokul up at Utari island. She did this due some rumors she had heard in Khemâl regarding a Moss'ari tribe who’s children seemingly had the same ability as her flocks.

But after 2 years searching up there she gave up and traveled to Ashenhall in Tornix. To spend some time with the one she had heard was eldest among the living, if one could call Zizu that. She stayed there 2 years, and residents say she became one of the most often users, if not the most using one, of The Eight Mirrors. Some even said she fell in love with a God in there.

But in 1216 she left for Zapri to meet and possibly study with Kanziganthir. She stayed there until 1218 and are know n as one of the very few that have studied under him. But in 1219 Polski came by Ye Olde Zaphirs” to talk with her. He had heard that she once looked for a tribe of Moss'ari and wanted to know if she found it or what she knew. Seemingly he knew something she didn’t, because the day after they left for Grebi.

Skjald Ulrich


I think not Sessy and Polski found their Moss’ari back in 1218, but in 1219 Sessy, Polski, and Wilson came to visit Nahita  at the Oaina Temple. They had been searching for something for a while and had came across several interesting myths, legends, rumors and stories regarding Monsters and fell beasts. And wanted to do The Hunt together as they all liked to rid the world of those things and enjoyed the test of skill.

Polski left the group again in 1220 and in 1223, 2 years after they met Themac, Wilson, and Nahita left The Rim but Sessy stayed as she wanted to find that creature.

Skjald Sigurd


Not even Themac have stayed 10 full years in a row at The Rim, but so did Sessy. She even met some Ye'Til, when she was on her way back across The Rim. Yes, you heard me right comrade, she has seemingly been south of that incredibly edge. Beyond lay a world as large as ours, filled with Human variants and a myriad of other races.

She told me, that the only reason, no in fact there was two, why the dozen or so Ye’Til didn’t kill her. Was the fact that she was on her way back, seemingly confusing them quite a lot. And she had a Aquerian egg which she bartered passage with. Some of the things she told us about Aquerian and Ye’Til has been key in our victory.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


1234 she traveled towards her old home, there was something about that old episode when a child that had begun boiling in her head. It was about those 2 small stings, she remember she had them as well and something in-a-haze about a beaked human leaning in over her and then it stung. A search that eventually led her to Academy of Ri where she studied until 1240.

Seemingly discovering something in their ancient scrolls and books she left for Allumnata Towers in northern Fogwald. Reaching it she met with her old friend Nahita, to which she revealed that some Moss’ari supposedly lived in a mixed population tribe at Lake Komla in Ladris Nahita left the next morning.

Sessy spent only a month at the Allumnata Towers as she seeemingly found what she searched. Some of the Gyron Lords have told me that she had a long talk with Wilson. And that same evening they left together, they left in the evening? Unheard haste, even for rash people like those on The Hunt.

Some who went through the various materials she read there, hinted she might have come to the conclusion that it was Allele Diploid who where responsible for her family’s demise. And wanted to find the one behind the order given.

Skjald Ulrich


Somehow I think her unsuccessful as no Skjald have any record of Allele Diploid loosing any top figure or hiring anew. But, after all they are extremely secretive. What is known though, is that since 1241 a larger than normal amount of Vampires and victims have been discovered and killed. But I honestly think it more Vornir work, than a single Healer -her power not challenged at all.

In 1253 she was at the court of king Krove Antu II, to investigate secret whispers concerning the kings son Imgal Mir. The king sadly died from a hunting accident, so she saw the child king Imgal Mir I being crowned and the former kings councellor Zyr 'O' Loth brutally removed from his position, and then the child was shielded off from outsiders. Thus unable to get close to the child, Sessy instead talked with Zyr ‘O’ Loth and that evening as he revealed plans to enter the Gyron Lords, to become one of the Monster Hunters. She revealed to him that she had been south of The Rim, where she saw what we call Monsters act as societies and creatures beyond imagination -the most terrifying and brutal she encountered a Dragon. Eager to see those, Zyr ‘O’ Loth persuaded her to show him the passage, dyeond The Rim. So, she went with him to the Gyron Lords and later to The Rim.

Skjald Vinotis



At the time of the The Great Invasion Sessy was at Pulvas in Esly. She was sitting outside an inn, when suddenly a blood soaked Lionel came running through the gates, yelling to the guards at duty, “The Realm are under attack, Kinoblin are killing and murdering everyone…”, Then he stopped and looked up, stunned by the squeaking and flapping Aquerian flying into town and was not in doubt. “Shoot them, shoot them… dammit.”, he screamed at the guards who hesitated.

Seeing him and with an idea who he might be, as if fate destined them both there. The first Aquerians to dive to the streets, where the same clan she met and robbed so many years ago south of The Rim. Knowing doom and death when she saw it, she unleashed whatever she had of physical hostile Magic and reverse healing. Allowing Lionel to slash, cut, stab, crush, bash, gut, and bite the halfway surprised and stunned Ostrich like foes.

“I heard the shouting and let ale be ale, ran outside and saw Aquerians land and die or topple over due their wounds. I joined the fray and even though a Skjald shouldn’t take credit for worldly matters. I think its safe to say, that the three of us, we saved the citizens of Pulvas. Making that town one of the first sites in The Realm that withstood the initial of The Great Invasion.

In a few months, so many had flocked our banner that we even withstood later waves of invaders with towering Mammutan. And from there began the cleansing of West Fjella.

Skjald El Mary



Such potential… almost a Contender… yet a mere mortal

Known her ways… in The Realm…. across The Rim… and many a Portal

Only Outlands… and a mans heart… are untrotten…

Skjald Kazumix

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