BORN: 14/1 1170 SA in Fridor

RACE: Moss'Ari

REALM: Channelling


HEIGHT: 200 cm





1170 Born

1186 Met Wilson

1189 Began cleaning the coast

1192 Started worldwide hunt

1192 Met Woodmaster

1196 Returned home

1196 Entered The Astral

1214 Met Sessy

1216 Came from The Astral

1220 Came to Remas

1226 Met Brucester and Lionel

1227 Founded The Solid Line

1233 Solid Line at The Rim

1233 Went to Academy of Ri

1235 Went to Allumnata Towers

1235 Met Nahita

1239 Went to Linvat Library

1240 Met Deepminded

1243 Met Zizu

1243 Met Black Oak

1243 Met Kanziganthir

1243 Met his children

1244 Left Ye Olde Zaphirs

1247 Fought with Black Oak

1250 The Realm founded

1277 Invasion came

1182 Cleansing Crusade


“The only mortal to have lived for decades at the Astral.

Skjald Sigurd



Born in the town of Ranzamill at the central part of Thrazki Highlands in Fridor as the 5th child but first son, of a Carpenter and his Brewmistress wife. The town luckily laid so far inland and remotly up rough hills, that the often occurring raids, by various Naldar 'Zan House, didn’t inflict on their lives directly. But it was not rare, to see refugees of raids come to their town or pass by.

So his child-play quickly turned into a boys thing, with activities centered around athletic games, wrestling and archery, as well as intense studies in his mothers trade. Studies that often led him to wander the wilderness, in search for the ingredients needed. As his understanding of flora and fauna grew, so did his Tracking abilities. Thus, when the boy came of age and had grown into a young man, he was already a renowned Tracker, skilled Warrior and recognized Shaman.

Skjald Sejrik


In 1186, tracking some unknown creatures trail through a previously untrod path, he came to a small clearing, littered with ancient pillars and tiles. There amidst the carved stones a bloated pig-headed Half-Human was talking with a frog-head and legged Half-Human. To his surprise, as he was a exceptionally skilled Tracker, making but a copy of natures sounds, the Frog-man turned its head. Blinking once or twice in his direction, its tongue shot out and caught its heavy halberd as it leaped towards him.

As it came leaping he grabbed one of the small leather pouches in his necklace, gulping its content and prepared for the effect to manifest -and with the other hand loosened his schimitar and… to his surprise it made another big leap as it was right in front of him. Its surprised scream, from his scimitar deep groin slice, was deafening and almost muffled the surprised curse being gritted by someone behind him. Someone, who unnoticed had managed to follow him since noon, and who was the target of the now lethally wounded Anurai.

Landing, its legs gave in and it slumped onto the ground in a pool of guts, blood and moaning. Its last agonized hiss and bewildered evil stare, was ended when Wilson cut its head off with his two-handed sword. Looking up from the dead Anurai, he turned his head and said, “Now for that Pigryn…”.

But, Atallanti was already in melee with it, so he rushed out into the clearing. Where the young half Moss'Ari half Rimzir now stood atop a dying foe. Both its arms cut off and the lads schimitars still embedded in its bloated chest. Wilson dryly said, “So, the scent was correct, you’re Rimzir and something else. But what the hairy boars hind, did you gulp there lad? it sure did speed you up!”.

Wilson told me, he prepared for the Berserker to attack him, but using his Fylgia he managed to avoid a schooling of the lad. Oh, that Wilson, as it was most likely Atallanti that controlled his Berserk.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


I’ve been told that Wilson stayed in Ranzamill for 2 years, talking about Fylgia with Atallantis Moss’Ari father, M'rizakiri, but also training Atallanti in his Fylgia abilities. After all Wilson had been using his for some 50 years. He also taught the lad quite some melee tricks, and it was this training Atallanti had his scimitar forged into sort of a halberd.

In the spring of 1189 they both traveled to the coast, where they did go from town to town for 3 years. Trying to be where Naldar Clan raiders landed. Its recorded that they had 67 encounters with unlucky raiders, resulting in them slaying more than 350 foes. Wilson claims he did most, Atallanti merely shrugs when asked.

In those few years the pair managed to develop as a unique fighting team. But as the Naldar raids occurred not only in Fridor, but also in Flaum, Fril, Etain and even farther away. Across hundreds of kilometers of shore, by a countless amount of foes. They became tired of the effort and told the Fridor court officials, that they needed to strengthen their military. Then they left for the wilderness and living The Hunt.

Skjald Valgrif


The summer of 1192 is our first recorded Monster slaying by Atallanti and Wilson. A young lad had survived an attack by a Wickeryadi gone mad and killed their entire nature worshiping cult of Altwalders. When word of its rampage reached their ears, they traveled swiftly to the location, barely managed to track it from the site of crime, and faced the strong limb’ed thick barked Monster at the worst possible place -it’s Earth Node lair.

To this day, the now branch clipped and lifeless hull stands at the very center of its former lair, slowly rotting due the Earthnode effects. But for sure did Atallanti and Wilson carve deep into its now peeling skin as any visitor can see.

Skjald El Mary


Atallanti told me they continued The Hunt up until the autumn of 1196, when he split and traveled home as he recieved news about his parents becoming sick from some unknown disease. Returning home he experienced poisoning, but managed to save them due intense herbal brewing and spiritual work. But in the winter, they had a sudden fallback and both died within the same day. Certain it was assassination due poisoning once again, he searched the surrounding area and found tracks, not seen for 10 years he knew it be a Anurai.

Remembering its agility and anatomy, but also what he figured its weak spot. He followed the tracks and early the next morning, he was once again at that ancient Teleport Site where he first met one. The Anurai stood at a tile gesticulating in front of a now brightly shimmering pillar, its halberd nearby leaning up another pillar. He gulped 2 different potions, called upon his Fylgia and charged the cloth-clad assassin.

Its head spun, body jumped and tongue lashed to grab the halberd, but was instead entangled by Atallanti’s Boala, smeared with the nerve numbing poison Arrmatzuh. Despite the leap without its halberd Atallanti did not underestimate its fatality, and tongue hanging limb half down the chest it instead drew forth two stiletto like daggers. Then it came jumping down upon him, accompanied by two clouds of coloured dust from its sleeves aimed at his head, it was certain death for most.

But, Atallanti threw his halberd upwards making the foe focus on it with one eye. Then he surged forward and in a sliding jump aimed a punch, the Anurai pulled up its groin, bending slightly forward readying for two shoulder or neck stabs… when it felt an agonizing yank in its tongue, with brutal force its head was pulled down between its legs and it landed flat on its back. Accompanied with a large thud from Atallantis halberd planting itself in its chest. Staring in disbelief, it whispered in Realmish, You’re all doomed”. But, at that time he thought it but a mere dying losers sour spew. I must say that it was quite a clever move, numbing its tongue, and using it like that. indeed we are all greatfull that he passed on this valued info.

Skjald Ulrich


The tempting shimmer… like starry glimmer…

Whispered his name… promise of fame…

Atallanti not afraid… from monster or raid…

Knew not what in store… stepped through the door…

One thousand one hundred ninety six… he trod into the mix…

To emerge again… for foe and friend… a son of himself…

Skjald Kazumix


How he managed to live for 20 years at the Astral is beyond me. As far as I know, we begin to dissolve there, as energy there has no form and is only held to its somewhat travel-able state due its many travelers willing it so, and seemingly also by certain Gods urging the use of the Astral. But, I do not doubt that he indeed has been there. Maybe more than any other mortal, which I think shows in his somewhat odd behavior and bizarre ability to fight, immediately turning damage done into Buffs or De-Buffs of both healing and damaging sorts.

Hes stated that at the beginning he had no clue what was going on, or where he was. But, due time it was as if the Astral was but a maelstrom, which at certain intervals made him pass faded shimmering landmarks he thought similar to sites hes seen. Almost as if it was spinning atop our world, or alongside it. And as the years passed, despite the slight pulsing of growth and contraction, he became more and more used to the cycles of passage. He even became able to tell when Teleport Sites passed by and if it was Gods or Mortals that entered or left the Astral due their Aura Colour.

He used this knowledge to approach the Greater Ones, who surprised about his presence there and his skills, seemingly aided him with supplies and information. And, as he has told us, to surprise Anurai, Pigryn, and other Races and Monsters. Which also, after their deaths, aided him with supplies as well.

The only one that was able to somehow break the rhythm and confuse it all, was a Goddess he fell in love with. Oddly enough it was as if she had access to the Astral from some Portals that was very rarely used by others. Yet he was uncertain of her power as her Aura Colour seemed Mortal. As she intrigued him, and he was quite skilled maneuvering there, they of course met often and as he told me, they became lovers. After what he believed was a few of our years, her attitude suddenly changed, and she disappeared. Quite certain he made her pregnant, why else that strange change, he searched the entire Astral for a while. Then he left to find her in our World.

He told me he thought as hard as he could of her, then stepped out onto the soil of Gaslug at Midgard. And as soon as he entered a town, he found out it was the year 1216. Insane as time had passed, as he had but felt it like a few months. but of his Goddess he found nothing.

Skjald Sigurd


In 1220, he ended his searching when he passed by the former Altwalders town up in Remas. Meeting with the boy again, now 39 year old and known as Woodmaster, was quite a meeting and finally the lad heard the real story about how his family’s bane ended its existence. They came along really really fine and Atallanti stayed there until 1226, teaching the youngster quite some melee tricks and several Natures Ways Spells and a lot about tracking, herbs, potion making and much more.

In the spring of 1226 Woodmaster wanted to travel to Midgard, to experience the vast steppes and woods, and meet the legendary Kanziganthir. Who was said to be as old as the eldest of Wickeryadi. And at a short rest in Berdegaard, the capital of Bebram they they shared a tables meal, ale and casual chatter with Brucester. Who had just lost his job as bodyguard of the Warden of Bebram and was looking for something new to do, no hurries though.

As if hearing his words, a stranger excused himself and sat at their table. Then said he heard of Brucesters reputation as untouchable when delivering packets, and offered him 5 Gold Darins to deliver a package to Lionel. Gold darins seemingly a coin more rare than of actual value to the well pocketed Brucester said he was interested…

When Atallanti, as Woodmaster later told me, interrupted, “Untouchable you say…”, with a slight grin none could misunderstand Brucester calmly asked if he wanted to test that They went outside, “To the dust, or the drop?” asked Atallanti, “Whatever, yer ‘skinny scarecrow'” replied the flexing mountain. What followed was quite surprising to both, as Atallanti had no problem what so ever touching and landing blows at the extremely agile man-mountain. But, even though he kept increased the force of his ‘touches’, there was neither a drop of blood a a topple to dust. And the few times Brucester managed to do likewise, the smacks also sounded like whiplashes or hammers on anvils.

After 10-15 minutes of really tough Holmgang Brucester stood still spread his arms and told Atallanti to do one final touch. The force is said would have knocked he upper body right off anyone’s legs. Atallanti looked at the mountain of muscle standing with a grin in front of him, “I must say, touchable, yet untouchable after all. I think only weapons would scratch that earthly hide of yours!”.  “Maybe, but lets finish our meal.” grinned Brucester.

The strangers job was accepted and Atallanti wanted to go along. Both to meet this Lionel but also to get to know Brucester better as he had never before seen anyone being able to Shield like that.

Skjald Sejrik


They both stayed with Lionel for the rest of the year 1226, quite taken aback due the wealth and luxury of Island of Piecao. But also due the amount of Kinoblin at the docks and everywhere but his great mansion. Lionel later told me Atallanti expressed concerns regarding these foreigners, as he had seen them with Anurai, Pigryn, some gargantuan Half-Human elephant-like furred big’uns, and some quite tall dark-blueish skinned females in the Astral. As he knew the two first to be quite nasty specimen, the rest he expected likewise, but Lionel scoffed it at the time.

Come spring 1227 they left with a package and after delivering it, they spent the next 6 years with a few investors and associates, building up a delivering Guild called The Solid Line. They started it by buying a house in Port Khaldu in Scia, and beside the door was two signs with their 2 Guild oaths: 1: We deliver packages, at all Isles and 2: If The Solid Line are attacked, our wrath will find you. Those signs became standard at every house they bought.

Their Guild spread like fire on the steppes, and within but 6 years they covered every Isle throughout The Realm, with a Guild house in every urban location above 500 residents. So vast was their amount of members that its said to have been the single largest corps of battle skilled under the same banner. After a few initial hiccups and some severely punished fools, none touched or robbed their transports.

In 1233 they even opened a house at the Lofgren Peninsula and with that they both resigned from a task completed. Atallanti traveled north to Findon as he wanted to visit Academy of Ri in Skelop to see if he could find any info about his ‘Goddess’ in their library. He spent 2 years there, then went to Allumnata Towers where he met Wilson again and also the Moss’Ari searching Nahita, to which he did not revealed he was Moss’Ari. Maybe she dident ask, or the topic weren’t brought up, or he had a reason for not to. But after 4 years there he left to see what could be found in the Linvat Library in Tusla. Then he went back north up to Fogwald and in 1240 he stood at the shore of Lake Mirror staring out through the mists scouting for Halkistal.

A few hours later Atallanti stood at the door of The Well of Wisdom managed by Deepminded. With a polite knock the tall man entered and was welcomed with a plate of her stew and a mug of ale, “Have a seat and refresh thyself first Ata… then we can talk.”. He studied there for 3 years and met a rather large amount of famous and skilled people. It was there, he heard about The Eight Mirrors made of crystallized and polished Iridium owned by Zizu. That he realized, had to be the Teleports his Goddess had been using.

So, he left for Tornix the next day, and as Deepminded told me, if hed have said so, then he had been welcome to use my Doors of Colour to get there.

Skjald Vinotis


At Ashenhall he became certain they where indeed the Portals that had been used. But he was quite surprised when he told Zizu about the likely time of happening, and the reply he got. The next day, after much brooding, he used a mirror and went to see Kanziganthir at Ye Olde zaphirs.

Arriving there in 1243 he met Kanziganthir, Black Oak and several other notable persons, Woodmaster one of them. All scheming up some grand plan and learning who he was offered him in on the plot and deal. But he was only listening partially and kept glancing at a young man of the kings hird, around 28 years old or so. There was something about that mans bearing, his looks and his Aura Colour that startled Atallanti. Could it really be… then he noticed Kanziganthir studied him closely, then looked at the youngster and back at him. And with a very gentle and cautious smile he nodded meanwhile passing his finger up to his forehead, a brief stop before his lips, then up. None but Atallanti saw it.

That night Kanziganthir told him that in 1216 , a young woman named Sessy had come to him. Telling she had fallen in love with one of the Gods at the Astral, and that she was now pregnant, thus sought the advise from whom she knew to be the eldest and one of the wisest Human alive.

Despite his reassurance and her disbelief, he claimed that the Aura Colours building inside her was single coloured as those of Mortals, she… Atallanti broke him off, “Aura’s you say…”.

Then he was told that Sessy had indeed given birth to 2 children that year. A boy and a girl, but oddly enough their Aura Colour where both of the other genders pattern. A situation never before heard of, so the children indeed had to have been sired at the Astral. And now, meeting Atllanti, who was Rimzir and some… “Moss'Ari!”, Atallanti interrupted. “No, something else, never seen before..”, Kanziganthir replied.

As far as I know, Kanziganthir persuaded Atallanti to let his twins, an exceptional pair of Shaman Berserkers stay in the belief their father was one of the Gods, at least until more was found out about Atallantis odd Aura. Atallanti stayed there for 2 years, training with their finest, then he left.

Skjald Ulrich


A couple of years later he was seen standing aside his twins aiding Black Oak and the 1st Alliance establishing The Realm, a vital force in finally shutting down raids from of Naldar. Since the coronation of the High King, Atallanti disappeared from the public scene again, and is only rarely reported seen at a library, entering or leaving a ship or portal. It was not until the Battle of Weeping Plains he again was seen participating in public.

A task he though has continued to this day as part of the Cleansing Crusade and a continued search of something he wont reveal.

Skjald Sejrik



He know 7 Magic Realms and can live at the Astral

Skjald Sigurd

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