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“Deep into the Worldly soil runs the rip that almost split South Midgard from the rest.”

Skjald Sigurd



It has a long trade and barter tradition equalling its agricultural production. The home of quite a lot Human and Other Races its population are used to a little of something. And with several Empires raising and crumbling through time theres often treasure seekers and Monster Hunters walking by or taking a seat at a tavern, inn or stable.

They stood firmly with the High King and the concept of The Realm as it made trade grow and thus provided a better life for everyone. But a few Nobility dealth not only with Combat Herbs but also supported the Invaders. Those not destroyed in the Cleansing Crusade or by their own revolting mobs are now on the run.

Skjald Vinotis



In the South lies the gargantuan mointains Mt. Morta and Mt. Futry sending long shadows on West LadrilLadrilLadril KnollsEast Ladril and somewhat into Ladril Valley stretching all the way up to Lake Komla. With Ladril Heights at its South side. Loma KettleMt. LomaLoma Shore and Bay of Loma just South of that and the huge mountain trio of Mt. GelvaMt. Galva, Mt. Gilva and the two lesser Gulvas PeakGyters Peak, as well as Gyterland

Central Ladris is dominated by Lake Komla, Dreko Rough-lands, Nagatoria Heights, Pritari Plains, Pritari Roughs, Pritari Kettle and Pritari Plateau.

In the North lies the Beige Rim with Mt. PiztaMt. KewbuMt. CeliMt. Jezymo, the steep Beige Wall, where waters run into Lake Komla from several underground streams and mid-wall waterfalls such as Jezymos Tears streaming down into Orkney Fjord. Then follows Annils PassMt. CescilKomular ValleyUmla PassMt. Dilva and Jilbor Pass.

South of Komular Valley lies Mt. DanatMt. Kana and Kana Heights. Then comes Kana-land stretching deep into the foothils and mountains forming Kana Valley and Kana Pass into Gaslug. Then stretching Southwards to the sea lies Mt. LeqwaMt. BiztykMt. GextyMt. Abbol and Mt. Hulver.

Up North in Lake Komla lies Orkeany, a small town at the marshland tip of the Trifolianda peninsula. Birthplace of Zambuk. An environment where as good as everyone are fishermen, boatmen or dockworkers, and craftsmen or traders of various sorts.

Skjald Ulrich



Fragmented into hundreds of local powergraspers, both the old Nobility and some of the Other Races are trying to recover what was formerly theirs.

Skjald Sejrik



One easily find… fleeing sack of Gold… or a dagger so cold…

Skjald Kazumix

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