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“The flow is so strong, the currents so many, that Shards twist in colours.”

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


First Age

When our World was created, a large group of travelling T'Aurs searched the newly formed lands of Gaslug. On their journey, they met several Indigenous. Races, telling them of a strong Astral presence in the wilderness just South of Mt. Glaore. Heading there, they encountered an extremely powerful Earthnode, and its power overtook them. Thus, they took residence there, named it Kolind S'ump, and never returned to their kin.

They cleaned the area of all Humans, and the Tribes of N-Erectus living close were also forced away, eventually making it a shunned wilderness. The T’Aurs were of such might that when Gillionalia Miola, a Drakk Alfar Vampire, came to claim the Earthnode, The T’Aurs leader Reaspeer B'aang stepped forth and defeated the vampire. In the very first recorded duel, a T’aur bested a vampire in single combat.

Meanwhile, as the rest of Gaslug prospered and evolved, Kolind S’ump became an odd place, as if frozen in time.

Skjald El Mary


Second Age

As the 1st Cataclysm changed the world and disrupted the Astral Links grid, The earthnode became unstable and, at times, consumed those worshipping too close. So a few Boriac came by, and an agreement to create an Astral Site/Gate to control it was made. Thus, a group of Archaic Neander has been inside Kolind S’ump, and they learned quite a lot from their stay. A few even interbred with T’Aurs, birthing a tribe of exceptionally large Archaic people living close to Kolind S’ump.

Up through time, these archaics became the gateway for most races in dealings with the Kolind S’ump lot. Especially as they are close to one of Gaslug’s main crossroads, they see quite an interest from many in their exclusive goods. If befriended, they can tell quite a few tales and share interesting lore.

Skjald Sejrik


Third Age

In the bustling markets and well-trotten roads of Gaslug, things were going well, and everyone thrived. When suddenly Wanderers arrived in great numbers, They strained millennia-old bonds between tribes, disrupted borders and sites, and tried to muscle in on turf and knowledge. Bringing their greed and internal fighting along, tensions grew until a full-scale war erupted, and the age ended.

Skjald Valgrif


Fourth Age

With the downfall of the Vular, the sinking of Ljostari, and the Deep Blue Tsunami, a new age dawned. And with it came the Arisen and later the Liches. These did, along with the wanderers and the slowly raising Hordes, create an age of unstability and warfare.

In 1017 Lord Kurrat Ghartûll sent an expedition to Ea to secure a foothold there and begin construction of Settlements and strongholds. So claims from Gaslug could be made on the Isle.

At the pinnacle of Age of Hordes, in the autumn of 1224, the Berserk Maimers created their domain in Gaslug and became a local force to recon with.

Skjald Sigurd




Mt. Metrupo, Mt. Nulam, Mt. Gekku, Mt. Dewol, Mt. Laqti, Mt. Jemmog, Mt. Zigger, Mt. Pydera, Mt. Xokot, Metri Hights Gilda Valley, Little Gekkrag, Long Gekkrag, Hjelms Meadow, Boddul Ridge, Thorsager Valley, Dolmer Roughs, Dolmer Highlands, Dolmer Knoll, Ailme Pass, Envel Valley, Lake Envel, Aalrot Ridge East Jikatops, West Jikatops Kirallamur Marshlands Soumit Lakelands, Lake Griikada Pirraq Pond, Lorriatis Mirror, Mt. Glaore, Glaore Kettle, Archaia Knolls, Froples Rift, Mt. Frogma, Niflia, Noflia, Chalktop Isle.

Skjald Ulrich



Previously, there was a council of all races in Gaslug, but since The Great Invasion, every settlement has its own.

Skjald Yell’a’beard



Chaos-coloured shards… are often found here.

Skjald Kazumix

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