BORN: 04/04 1162 in Thang

RACE: Kobold/Moss'ari

REALM: Channeling

AURA: Orange

HEIGHT: 207 cm


I have always found Kalmo interesting, especially his origin is of great interest. So, I have found out that in the spring of 1163, when they arrived at Lohill in southern Uhmzel. His father, an old Blacksmith claimed he was three year old boy born in Thang. Some of the passing by travelers doubted this though, the child was far too pale to come from ‘up there’ and the Blacksmith far too lacking the tan. But was told it was due his mothers origin, Kalmo being of mixed parents.

Anyways none came looking for a missing child and Laust Vorrinson was a skilled Blacksmith, kind to the hearth and treating his son with utmost love. The citizens thought nothing of it for some years. Then they began to notice the child outgrowing anyone and anything. Questions and gossip slowly building, what was him mother exactly? With a reply of leaving the town, they never got an answer, but I think I now know the truth.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


In 1165  Port Tander in Grebi lost their Blacksmith due an accident and a replacement was sought. So, in the autumn of 1165 a old one with a young buy took the job. He was a skilled one, and the apprentices of the former glad of their new master. Always busy with work, he allowed Kalmo to do whatever the kid liked. And he liked to play with animals, wander in the nearby nature and study mechanization.

In the spring of 1168 Laust Vorrinson was approached by a Kobold Smidhr and was offered to visit Vula. So they left only a week prior Murf'ar visiting the town. Hes stay short, as some men mocked his looks. He reminded them of that Kobold visitor and the Blacksmith lad. Thank god them be gone.

Skjald El Mary


Returning 3 years later, in the autumn of 1171 most people had forgotten the visiting brawler busting a few heads and instead talked about the exiting Kinoblin goods. Lionel had brought previously unseen luxury to East Fjella and quickly the lesser nobility and middle class was asking for Blacksmith work similar to the foreign designs. His time at Vula coming in handy Laust buried himself in work.

Kalmo on the other hand had a natural grip on livestock, pets and the occasional wildlife breaking the perimeter of nature and town. And as he also became quite adapt in recognizing Herbs for healing, as well as becoming valued help his father due his interest in mechanization. As he kept growing and became stronger by the month, he as a 9 year old was able to hold, lift, and even bend things others could not.

Time passed and in the spring of 1182, at his 20th birthday, his father told him that he was indeed not his father. He had merely been the only one there when his mother, a very young confused human girl of the wild, gave birth to him. And when she left them, he traveled south to be able to raise the child, without questions about the child as people there knew he had lived alone. And that he suspected his father was of KoboldMinotaur or Ogryl blood.

Kalmo wanted to pursue his origins so he thanked his foster father for good care and a good upbringing, then left to Midgard to see if he could trace his origins. And it was on-board that ship he met Aragon the first time. Both towering above the rest, looking like Berserker and Beastmaster does best, they quickly eyed each other and began to talk. Kalmo is said to have traveled along and met Black Oak at Ye Olde Zaphirs. But he didn’t stay there but for a couple of days, he wanted to visit Lohill in Uhmzel.

Skjald Vinotis


He never told us about the visit in Lohill but we know that in 1185 he was seen trotting paths and streets of cities, towns and villages in Thang. But none remembered a young wild girl, nor a Blacksmith and a infant child traveling south. So in 1186 he again stood in Port Tander in Grebi. Only to discover his foster father had left for Midgard. As he set foot on the shore of Gaslug he was hailed by his friend Aragon and derailed to go with him to see the wonderful island upon which Ea Academy laid.

Such was the pleasure in his stay there, that he stayed even when Aragon left again. And it was not until he traveled to Ye Olde Zaphirs to attend the funeral of his friends family. That he again had Midgard soil under his boot.

After the ritual he tried to find his foster father , the track went from East Fjella to Midgard and back to East Fjella. To a hamlet called Kalmor, where the track ended with info about the burial place of ‘a Blacksmith’ from the north. The old man buried there was most likely the one he was looking for, as he in the last days of dying confusion had talked about “The towering father and son”. Some even remembered a even taller, older man looking for the old man as well, and if he was the son, that surely gave meaning.

Kalmo stayed there for a couple of days, until he met a returning trader, who could confirm that the old man indeed had called himself Laust of Vula from time to time over a beer or two. Certain the trail was dead, he thought of other things to do so he left for Humur the capital of Tusla. There, he was impressed by the architecture and sheer heights of their buildings carved out of the rocks or elaborated stoned piled to insane heights. And with more than ten thousand of citizens it it was an impressive place. And it’s Linvat Library one of the oldest in the known world.

Skjald Ulrich


One day in Linvat Library walking towards his seat with a handful of scrolls. His arm was loosely grabbed by a person who just walked by him. When he turned to face the equally tall, but far slimmer person, a short stare into his eyes, was followed by the words. “Excuse me, I thought you for someone else. But I see you’re wholly not”. Then the person bowed and disappeared between the shelves before the stunned Kalmo could ask any questions. But he was certain, that person knew him, or his Fylgia, or? He tried to find the person, but he was utterly gone.

Maybe it was part of his father or his mothers Aura the stranger recognized. I suspect it to be either an Ljost Alfar or a God meeting Kalmo there.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


In 1188 Kalmo returned to Grebi the land he had come to like the most. This time he went not to Port Tander but inwards and uphill until he was at the foothills of Mt. Depol. There he found a huge kettle pot that suited his idea, named it Djelland and began clearing, digging and construction a camp that in time would be the place of The Beastmaster Fair.

He spent most of his time there transforming it from wilderness to a place where other Beastmaster would come and share knowledge. And they made arenas, climbing spots, raceways, stables, barns, sheds, and resting huts -as well as The Furry Hood, a large tavern renewed for its honey-ale and strong mjotur.

In 1190 it had grown to a dozen Beastmater and in the spring of 1200 it was more than 500 Beastmasters attending the fair. In 1210 more than 1000 called Djelland. Recalling these where Beastmaster themself the amount of beasts, animals, pets, totems, and not to mention Fylgia was quite a sight. First time I saw it was at their 25th anniversary in 1213 and I was taken aback but the amount of them and the sounds. Deafening to any Bard.

Skjald Sejrik


The next 10 years Kalmo oversaw his growing project and traveled the isles to spread knowledge about it. Then he received word that his old friend Aragon needed his assistance with Spirit and Fylgia at Mukadall Monastery in Braburg up at Markeoy island.

Intrigued he packed, told his fellow Beastmaster elders about him traveling away, and headed for Port Tander. It was at this trip his Beastmaster agenda was altered and what eventually made him resign as leader of his own creation. He kept attending the fairs every year though only as guest and not organizer.

Skjald El Mary


Once, at one of the fairs, he saw the tall slim person from the Linvat Library again. As he noticed him being scrutinized as he did so to Kalmo. He disappeared in the crowd again, and Kalmo knew -someone was studying him. So he approached every Rogue and shadow group he knew or learned about. Even people like SetilBergon, Lionel and Nefius was asked what they knew. But none seemingly knew, or cared to share. That kept him more alert than most and maybe also that’s why he is still alive.

Skjald Valgrif


Kalmo was part of the Holy Star Order when it traveled to the Junnatu Caves in Usai. Seemingly to calm or control any beast or wildlife they would encounter. Its said that at that trip he survived fighting Attilla.

After that trip he became a public figure of that religious military order and oversaw the build-up of a Beastmaster force counting around 250. At he time of the Invasion he was at the Beastmaster Fair and as they charged he killed several Mammutan.

Skjald Sejrik