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“From The Void they grew, into our World they blossomed, and now aid the bold. Oh, ye Combat Herbs of might.”

Skjald Vinotis



First Age

Before the 1st Cataclysm and the Ljostari Tsunami the now narrow Gurdama Fjord was a great open innsea, thirtyfold its currenth width. But as it was almost sealed completely off the Southern shores rose and became new lands. Which also altered the living conditions for the huge amount of Fishermen.

Skjald Sigurd


Second Age

The Country changed almost as much as when the Void Gardens were first thrown onto our World, when the Divine Races tried to destroy the Vampires. We still have no clue why they felt it needed to be done, but it sure was a blunder. A handfull of Races supported the vampires, who survived, and became a untested force until The Bullheaded God came around.

One of the good things about the raised seabottom, was the revealing of several Combat Herbs, overlooked by Boriac when the world was formed, and totally forgotten by the Wickeryadi Herbalists. It didn’t take long though, before an increased amount of Wickeryadi roamed Snaws wilderness. Securing Herbs of their interest, and out of Boriac reach. So, most are gone now, but the lucky ones can find the much praised combat herbs of the region.

Skjald Sejrik


Third Age

With the arrival of The Rimzir Dragonboat, and the following Wanderers, much changed in the region. Especially the Vular could not resist the combat herbs, nor trying to best the Other- and Divine Races. So eventually the Vular War broke out, and the age ended in a mighty calamity.

Skjald El Mary


Fourth Age

All the southern soft hills and grassy lowlands are previous seabottom, raised during the 1st Cataclysm, and as a result of the Vular War. As the final sealing to the west in Zapri, happened during the eruption of Mt. Vula, the tainted waters of the Deep Blue Tsunami managed to create a rather large amount of Arisen in Snaw. These bewildered beings have since their rebirth, mostly gathered around ancient leaders, but some also roam the paths and alleys in hunt for personal revenge, or in plain malice towards the living. Some Arisen, have become servants or affiliates to those who embraced the Lich path, or to the vampires.

Being neighbour to Zapri, homeland of the Horde Ye Olde Zephyrs. People of Snaw are used to Horde groups passing by, using Snaw as substiture battleground, or even raiding the countryside. That was the eesult of the Age of Hordes, and despite the 27 year long peace during The Realm, The Great Invasion quickly brought back memories, and honed skills. Thus even the smallest farmstead or rest-stop, have skilled and combat villing militia.

Skjald Vinotis


Fifth Age

As the forces of the Cleansing Crusade dissolved, and settlements and strongholds tries to build anew in The Scorched Dawn. The main occupance are now Farmer, Miner, Worker or Guard for caravans or in Settlements. Yet, despite the danger, the most profitable are as a Animist, or Druid.

Skjald Ulrich




At the Northern Border lies four mighty mountains; Lippers PeakGaspey SpireMt. Akla and Billot Knolls. In the central part, Northeast of Niabla Kettle, theres a large amount of steepsided valleys and rough hills known as Miners Maze. East of those lies Pika Phuket leading to Mawa Plateau.

In the Southeastern part River Dnak forms Dnaks Fjord running alongside Fermut Peninsula.

Skjald El Mary



Snaw as such are still governed by the central court in Ghalma, their capital. But theres several Nobility who are the defacto rulers over their areas. Nielto von Addamas rules the lands along Dnaks Fjord all down to their castle at Fermut Peninsula. Denny de Macase sits firmly on the Miners Maze area. Nana de Munkadall has secured all of Mawa Plateau for her family. A handful of lesser nobility struggle to keep the smaller areas they have proclaimed independent, thus one needs to keep an open eye and keen ear wehe travelling the countryside.

Skjald Sejrik



Combat Herbs, found in the wilderness.

Skjald Yell’a’Beard

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