From slim to muscular.


Females: 180-185

Males: 185-190


Females: 50-75

Males: 70-90


Females; 140-145

Males: 135-140


Shades of  gold, some even dark red.


Mostly black.








1700 FA Founded the Maarkian Empire

200 SA their empire collapsed


Roaming the vast grasslands, hunting the great furred prey, enjoying the winds, is all they cared for.

Skjald Sigurd



In the rich tapestry of Races, the Markian emerge—a people whose spirit resonates with the rhythm of the land, a dance of life that leaves an indelible mark upon the world. With a stature that reflects their way of life and a culture that harks back to the nomadic tradition, the Markian are a beacon of unity, strength, and vision.

Distinguished by their slightly smaller build, the Markian bears the marks of a life shaped by their environment. The land of Markeöy, their ancestral home, stands as both their nurturer and their guide, its essence etched into the very essence of their being.

The nomadic culture embraced by the Markian people is a testament to their deep connection with the land. A wayfarer’s spirit courses through their veins, mirrored by the rhythm of their nomadic existence. This bond with nature, woven into the very fibres of their lives, extends to their prowess as warriors. Fierce and indomitable, they navigate life’s challenges with a strength that mirrors the rugged landscapes they traverse.

Among the races of Markeöy, the Markian excel as riders, and Scouts, their mastery over their steeds is a reflection of their symbiotic relationship with the land. These remarkable abilities, honed over countless generations, transform them into an integral part of their realm’s history, their stories woven into the very fabric of the world.

Within the bustling Towns and the open expanses of their land, the Markian organise themselves into a complex web of hierarchy. Nobility, shrouded in mystery and distant to the common folk, represents the pinnacle of their society. Their allegiance is tethered to the senior members of their tribes, a testament to the bond they share with their kin and the land they call home.

Yet, among their many unique qualities, the Markian possess a gift that sets them apart—the ability to let their Spirits traverse the Astral in moments of trance. Through this profound connection, they gain glimpses of visions that hold the potential to shape their future. These visions, veiled in the mystique of the unknown, are cherished as guides on the path of destiny.

In a world where echoes of the past meld with the aspirations of the future, where the land itself speaks in whispers and the sky holds the promise of mysteries yet to unfold, the Markian stride forth—a symphony of unity, resilience, and foresight. With every step they take, the very earth seems to vibrate, a testament to their connection with the realm and the boundless potential that resides within them.

Skjald El Mary



Considered the 10th oldest of the Indigenous tribes, they are offspring from mixing Ljost Alfar. and Archaic Cromi. They are distinguished by being of a slightly smaller stature than others, which is caused by their way of life and by their environments. They favour the culture of the nomadic, are fierce warriors, and are usually superlative riders and scouts.

Skjald Sejrik


As with all others originating in the void, Markians didn’t evade the fangs end embrace of vampires. Here are a few of those we know of: Yanoto Togomo: a 2nd generation; Lomo Lamo Huxva: a 4th generation; Himmarati Hadagure: a 7th generation; and Nakafe Prista: a 9th generation vampire. All of these had an influence on the Markian people in their own way.

Skjald Ulrich



They are spread throughout the following Isles, and countries:

Markeoy: Efron, Anadak, Skium, ExicotaNicarazVizirginaBraburg, and Obran.

Midgard: Puchaxa, Goldar, Nabkixo, Spiy, and Noriag


On Markeoy, they live in either dispersed tribes as wandering Nomad groups or as Urbanmen in large towns; at Midgard and Findon, their settlements are permanent.

Skjald Ulrich



Markian tribes have, since the dawn of time, traced their lineage through the female. As one is always certain of who gave birth, and males were only those hunting for food and goods, females became the anchor of families and thus tribes. Two things have impacted the naming process: the 1st Cataclysm and the Deep Blue Stunami, as these have shaken the very lands of the Markian people.

In western Markeoy: Anadak, Braburg, Efron, Exicota, Vizirgina, western Nicaraz, and the few colonies in Midgard. Markians generally use a matrilinealsurname or matriname, a family name inherited from one’s mother and maternal grandmother, and so on, whose line of descent is called a mother-line, or matriline. A matriname passed on is unchanged as compared to a matronymic, which is derived from the first name of each new mother.

In Nicaraz, Obram, Skium, the remote archipelago of Samosa, and the few colonies at Findon, the tribes follow a matronymic system, where a personal name or a parental name is based on the given name of one’s mother, grandmother, or any female ancestor. Some tribes have often given matronymic last names to the children of low-caste mothers. Or if descendants had an especially well-known or powerful ancestor, they might adopt a matronym based on their name.

They show allegiance to none but their tribe’s senior members, or their community’s council of elders.

Skjald Vinotis



They have the ability to let their spirits walk the astral plane when in trance, thus being able to see ‘visions’ that might come true.

Skjald Valgrif


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