BORN: 29/11 1163 FA in Flaum

RACE: Realmar/Ljost Alfar

REALM: Cyan Mentalism

AURA: Blue

HEIGHT: 197 cm





A noble child of hearth and birthright, but cheated and raised in poverty, he also knows the strength of ruthlessness.

Skjald El Mary



Fourth Age

Exactly what day he is born is unknown, but in the morning of the 30th, the infant was found at the door to the children’s home in Port Alasso, trade nerve to Utari. and Mealis. As he grew up, tall and slender, people began to whisper how the lad looked like Lord. Steff le Brant. Gossip didn’t aid the foster child one bit, as it only brought mockery and beatings from the middle- and upper-class kids.

What it did, though, was infest a grudge towards the noble and highborn and how they could get away with as good as anything. Meanwhile, the commoner and poor were punished for the slightest error or slip. Thus, he and some other foster parents began to explore how they could take revenge and discovered that not only pickpocketing and burglary could pay off. But the right information, at the right time, to the right people was far more valuable.

So, in the spring of 1170, the kids, led by Gabz, used their spoils to hire a beggar to be their legal guardian. They used him to buy an old, ruined inn and named it The Tired Drummer. Within a few months, it was a thriving place due to their tireless promotion of it to everyone. The gang’s street credit grew weekly as they used the earnings and shady spoils to buy other faulty inns, taverns, stables, brothels, and so on.

Skjald Vinotis


As the Kinoblin made a very brief stop at Port Alasso that same year, Gabz noticed the shopping hysteria the goods brought among the middle- and upper-class spoilers. So he persuaded the gang to invest in a shaggy shop and a warehouse down the docks. Despite it taking quite a toll on their stash, But it turned out, over the years, that many of the doors that opened for them were due to the rare luxury they gained from Kinoblin, Lionel, and the Triad Traders.

Skjald Ulrich


At the age of 16, he applied for citizenship by officially buying The Tired Drummer from the hired elder. As soon as he got it, he became the first of the gang to become a trading citizen. In the next few years, all the others did the same, despite gossip about how earnings were made. They had simply become too powerful to stop, and the few that tried somehow had their worst secrets revealed.

They didn’t forget their origin, though, and despite the gossip, most earnings did in fact come from honest work and skilled investments. Taking care of the poor, helpless, and, at times, the sick as well. And they even build a new mansion for orphans with much more caring staff and a far better environment than their old one. At their height, they were members of various guilds, organisations, and even the city council.

Skjald Sejrik


Suddenly an eyes blink… a daggers flash… a garrotes touch… a potions fatality… a malicious whisper…

Friends fought foes… smiles became grins… handshakes slapped… and enemies clapped…

From height they fell… everything to sell… souls, friends, oaths, every spell…

Broke bonds and bands… and in many a cell… none shook hands…

Skjald Kazumix


Gabz told me that it’s unclear, even for their gang, who started it all. Maybe it was a rivalling force; they don’t know. But in 1205, it all crashed and became rather nasty, as the old gang lost their status due to the city council and the Warden of Flaum going rough on alcohol, gambling, and prostitution. All other gang members were affiliated with said business, and only Gabz had managed to publicly tie himself to the rare antiquities trade. As the gang began to dissolve, tongues began to loosen, and that was a danger to all. So, someone at some point, during that spring, decided to silence mouths and hands, and assassinations began.

After the first death, not a week passed, then another, and within a month the city guard was fighting the underworld, who fought themselves, and meddling with the lives of both were the Wardens agents. And some say there are several other shady organisations and cults. Not to mention all the scumbags, rag-tags, and usurpers who grasped for quick power.

All in all, it is estimated that between 1 and 200 citizens disappeared and ended up in the harbour or the nearby oughlands. At least it still happens that kids find an old skeleton in the woods or an odd crevasse. But as summer turned into autumn, only four members of the whole gang remained, three of them in prison and one not connected to criminal activity. So, the agents left, and the city guard went at ease..

Skjald El Mary


That same winter, a great storm hit the town, and it is said that several lightning strikes ignited some nearby houses. Starting a city fire that engulfed the prison along with 26 other houses. So, with the old gang lost, their entire network was eradicated and all their income was lost, but for Gabz and his shop, time had turned on them. But he kept his position and kept becoming wealthier, while other noble-born and outstanding citizens fell from grace. Some even claim they had seen those previously thought dead, but they never stated it twice.

Seemingly sticking to his antiques I am aware that he did in fact deal with Setil. and that his former gang, now retired from the public, was investigating Kinoblin supporters.

Skjald Valgrif


1275 S.A. brought Gabz to Ivory Vale as he was shadowing someone from The Torch who was thought to conspire with the Kinoblin against The Realm. This led him to an inn where he noticed the always-bragging Yell'a'Beard at the rear table. Scoffing off the loudmouth, he focused on his target and noticed that their card game was a hoax. Cards, bets, and calls were done very sloppy and seemingly were a coverup for another, more sinister and dark talk. I aimed for no ears but those at the table, and the discussion was indeed grim. It was a bounty discussion for the High Kings head and demands for upcoming land and titles. Seemingly on the large side of reasonable, even for scum like these, Because arguing kept growing, so did their information leak. Just as he had heard enough, the names of the people behind them slipped their tongues, and both jumped up to take the other down. What fools The Torch employed were totally unperceptive, mindless, and dumber than allowed. Gabz decided they were of no further use, and a slight trick might even fool the now silent and staring Yell’a’beard. So, when the arguing fools were amidst their final act, Gabz tweaked their manipulations, and they exploded.

When he left, he looked at Yell’a’beard and concluded that this one had not coped with what just passed. Thus, no ending to this one’s life was desired, especially as the acquired intelligence had to be delivered.

Skjald Ulrich


Officially, there are no records of Gabz meddling in with the 1st Alliance trying to outmanoeuvre the Hordes, create The Realm, and crown a High King. And as such, their town was not sacked in the first days of The Great Invasion. But when he heard the news, he hid his wealth and travelled to The Lair, then found Setil, and they fought some time shoulder to shoulder.

Now he freely roams the paths of the realm, killing every foe he meets.

Skjald Sigurd


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