BORN: 16/08 1151 FA in Trevan

RACE: Clovincaz

REALM: Essence

AURA: Pink

HEIGHT: 186 cm




  • Atez Fencers Grandmaster
  • El Reyder Clan Stallari


“One of the most legendary of the old school fencers from the Age of Hordes.”

Skjald Sejrik



Fourth Age

Born in the hot temple city of Olmec Ar at the Feldspar Fields the 2nd eldest son of a general in their king’s royal guard and a silversmith mother. Latinoor enjoyed life as a kid, mostly playing at the banks of the Meltano Rill or in the nearby Olval's Quarry renowned for its greenish Feldspar.
s he grew, his interest in his parents work shifted. When he was young, he loved his mother’s pattern work and could stare at it for hours, and he practiced to become a silversmith. But as he began ornamenting armour and weapons for himself and friends, his interest in the art of fighting, especially swordplay, grew.

Skjald El Mary


At the age of 9, he enrolled as a talented youth with the legendary Uck Norry, who was delighted by the lad’s potential for defence and Cobra like ripostes. When he was true-named in 1163, it was his fencing master who had the honour, so close had their bond become. But in 1165, mayhem broke out as a plot against the king was discovered. His father had to arrest his teacher, who, unwilling to be so opposed to the guardsmen, killed the lesser-ranked and wounded his father.

Seeing the steel sink into his father’s chest, the 15-year-old youngster exploded in rage. And as he ran towards the fighters, he grabbed a stiletto and a rapier. As he closed in on his teacher, he threw himself into a slide on the marble floor, and as his feet touched his teacher, he fended off the slash aimed at his groin. Focusing on the lads feet and a possible stomach gut, he did not see the flick of hand but surely felt the thrown stiletto as it sank deep into his left eye. Stunned for a heartbeat, he then smiled, recognising the move, and then died.

Skjald Vinotis


His father survived long enough to see the king and the new general place an honorary order on his son’s chest. Latinoor had joined the army and gained the rank of lieutenant. The youngest officer in their history, he worked hard, and at 25, he had, in 10 years, managed to become a colonel in the king’s personal guard.

With that new title, his military duties changed from castle guard duties, protection, arresting, and court dinners to administration and education. So he became focused once again on fencing and spent quite some time practicing acrobatics and tumbling. Honing his skills further, he became the best in Trevan. Unbeatable, and with very few skilled enough to practice with, he spawned an idea that might help him become better. And he asked his king if he could buy the old abandoned mansion Uck Norry had owned and used for practice sessions and start a fencing academy. Despite being sad to see him leave the Royal Guard, the king understood his urge, and it was granted.

Skjald Valgrif


Spending the next 25 years building the Atez Fencers reputation as the finest and most skilled Academy of blade mastery on the island of Findon. He honed his skills greatly, especially as skilled masters from Midgard and the other isles began to visit as well. In 1200, he even had a rather large Kinoblin blade-skilled guest testing his skills. It’s said that these practice sessions were quite a sight, and some of the few where Latinoor were seen sweating. He came out victorious, but I still suspect foul play by that snouted foe. And by gods, all this chatter dries my mouth.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


Seemingly unbeatable at his halls and arenas, he began travelling the islands in 1215 to seek out those with skills at blade. But he also enjoyed life as a famous swordsman at every school, castle, and court. It’s said that it was during this physical decline that he actually found his mental foundation. As the wine loosened the focus on style and performance, he became more and more at one with his own energies. Energies he had not experienced since the day he killed his teacher. But as they came to him, his style became increasingly fluid. As if he were agile like air, defensive like water, solid as earth, and lethal like fire. Some said he was like molten lava when he fought. Facing him, the best one could do was surrender or run.

Skjald Sejrik


Pursuing this new style, he searched for more fluid, dancing, and acrobatic schools of melee and heard of the Aina Wardancers in 1218. Immediately, he went to Karoly. and there he met Nahita who took him by storm. She was impossible to hit, and no matter the attack, she evaded it. Her war-dancing was the most agile he had ever seen; even when she did not use her Channelling powers to buff herself, she was untouchable.

Latinoor stayed there for the winter, and as they practiced, he studied her patterns. Almost as if it were his mother’s silvery work from back then, there was seemingly a core to her moves, and from that, merely a random selection of a thousand or so patterns. But patterns can be a trap for the keen eyed, and in the spring, to her growing frustration, he began touching her more and more often. Yet she still kept avoiding her lunges, ripostes, and whatever she threw at him.

As spring turned to summer, they were more often seen talking in the parks than duelling in the arenas or training halls of the Oaina Temple. But all their philosophical talk was interrupted when some of Nahita’s old friends came to visit.

Skjald Ulrich


Latinoor is so easy to tease… Wilson would not cease… skills used so at ease…

Grabbling a boar… that was sore… wrestling a bear… without fear…. danger so near…. Sessy laughed…

Friendly wound-less game… meant but for fame…. carried no challenge… Polski grinned…

The trio convinced the lovers to join… real battle and test of groin…

Skjald Kazumix


It is said that Latinoor aided in the slaying of the Blue Mewlip of Jabos in 1219. And that he stayed with Polski in the Free City of Muldum to practice with the T'Aurs named Mino's. After a year, Latinoor couldn’t gain more skills from Mino and travelled to Mumuarki in the Bay of Braburg to visit and, if possible, train with the T’Aurs there, as he figured some still true to their warriors way had more to offer.

Its stated by several from the Bulls Order and the Free City of Muldum that they never once saw Latinoor best Polski when they trained.

The same rumours go regarding The Pilgrim who Latinoor met at a council meeting in Tartu. There are indeed a few out there, so utterly skilled and without pattern, that they are untouchable by ‘The Lava Fist,” as his friends had begun calling him.

Skjald Sigurd


In 1230, he appeared among us humans again, slimmer, stronger, and way more fit than ever before. So the 10 years spent on the T’Aurs island of Thezeu had at least given him an outstanding physique. After 15 years, to the surprise of its functioning leaders, he simply trotted in through the main gate of his Atez Fencers academy. Greeting old friends and pupils, now masters, it was a joyous reunion. But he was soon to be in for a surprise when, in the summer of 1231, treachery unfolded on his 80th birthday. Sitting at the head table, his nephew entered the feast, and in the king’s name, he proclaimed his arrest for being a conspirator against the king.

His reply was not to the king’s errand but to his elders counsel, in which he expressed sadness due to their greed and foolishness. Then, with but a plate and dinner knife, he slayed the lot, and atop their dead corpses, he proclaimed that everyone should flee because he knew a king’s wrath. Then he looked at his nephew and told him that, for his family’s sake, the kid and his guards should make no attempt at arresting him. The accusation was a lie, and he would rather leave Trevan than slay the family. But, as he emphasised by gesturing at the dead, “none in this land can capture me. And I urge you, with all the nationalities assembled as students and guests, Let them all leave and soothe thy king’s ears, for they are filled with lies again.”.

Skjald Vinotis


We all know that everyone was allowed to leave. But later that year, Latinoor heard that his brother’s son had been executed due to failing his order. It was a winter with much tumult in Trevan, but in the spring, a new king was elected and some noble families moved upwards due to sudden vacancies.

Despite having killed the malicious king and a dozen corrupt noble families, The first official act of the new king was to pardon Latinoor and allow the academy to open again. Latinoor didn’t return, though, as he knew the way of kings and how grudges had deep roots.

Instead, he joined an upcoming Horde as ancient as most but with less wealth and political influence. Within a year, he was their Stallari and participated in many raids against other Hordes to settle scores the old way.

Skjald El Mary


In the war leading up to the founding of The Realm and the coronation of the High King. Latinoor fought against the 1st Alliance as he opposed leaving the old ways of the Hordes. But their sides were losing, and he was one of those seen bending their knees both at the Battle of Yernaw Bridge and at the official celebration at Grimsborg.

Acknowledging the victors, he stayed loyal to the bending and became an often-used instructor for the Grimsborg Guard. But in 1261, on his 110th birthday, he retired from all titles and offices he held. Up until The Great Invasion he merely travelled the realm. Visiting old friends and refreshing shared memories. A few times we even walked together for weeks or months, benefiting from my insight into this great warrior.

Luckily, I was walking with him at the shores of Usai when The Great Invasion hit The Realm. I mean, I’m skilled and might have survived by means of Magic, but now knowing the invaders can counter much of what we do. I’m glad his Kobold and Lava Imp made sabres; the The Twin Tongues was at my side.

Killing the foes, we rushed to the Junnatu Caves and from there eventually to the rally called by High King. Black Oak. Standing aside so many lords and heroes that fell at the Battle of Weeping Plains was an honour, but also an emotional wound I know we both share.

Now Latinoor, as the last goal in his life, roams the paths of Midgard to rid it of Invader and traitor alike.

Skjald Ulrich



He can Mana Manipulate. without Hand Weaving

Skjald El Mary


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