“The driest place of all our World deserts and a Sun burning as lava on skin”.

Skjald Ulrich



Located as the most Northern Isle of the Realm, with Osmes the Country reaching slightly further north than Thang. These two countries are extremely dry and thus have huge burning deserts stretching across the lands.

Skjald El Mary





The Island lack the high mountains of both Utari and Findon. It only has many high rolling rough hills, packed with slow growing hardwood trees and sea-wise an extremely large amount of coral reefs with a huge pearl industry.

Wildlife specials are the furred Ebony Squirrel, and the Jumparooz known for its furs ability to withstand usage. Sea Turtle eggs are also an Island delicacy.

Mineral specials are Serandite and Gold.

Skjald Sejrik



The Island of Mealis are the home of two of the greatest rivers in The Realm.

Burfal are to birthplace  of Burfal Tributary, springing forth in the Orthan Hills it runs out into the Bay of Burfal/the Northsea.

In Pearlin lies Mt. Pearlins Peak, the source of the Pearlin River which runs down through Gemstone Foothills and Ivory Vale out into the Pearlin Channel.

Skjald Vinotis

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