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Divine Amber gently washes onto the shores of Flaum.”

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



First Age

When our World was shaped, and Isles like Midgard where formed. Flaum, Sloviit, and Fridor was one vast grassy plain. With Tatongōl, Ogryl, Borji, and Moss'Ari being the dominant Humans. Fautyr, Kobold, Ljost Alfar, and T'Aurs, where the plentiest of the N-Erectus.

All lived in peace and prosperity, exchanging goods and knowledge, and spawning quite a lot of mixed-race marriages. Vast herds of cattle, deer, sheep, and other livestock, was tended and grassed in the roughs and wildlands. Several Tribes or Settlements, built great Cities and strongholds. Society thrived, and as the Gods walked amongst men, their followers built them temples. As temples grew, so did the crowds and amongst them rose a priesthood, soon to steer crowd actions more than gods and the followers.

The priesthood was clever though, and instead of brainlessly pitting follower against follower, they cleverly divided areas. Thus they each gained a large number of followers, and thought they had set things their way. They did though, forget that peace, prosperity, and safe surroundings, meant lesser thoughts, prayers, sacrifies, and rites at the gods. When the gods realised the reason for the decline in energy flows, they acted without what we consider compassion or mercy. Thus began the Conflict of the Steppes, which lead to tribes and races isolating themselves.

Skjald Vinotis


As years passed and the gods made sure people prayed, and sacrificed. They also directed quite a lot of Mana to their followers, who on the other hand ensured the mana flowed as they used their Magic Paths. The period of plunging from peace into conflict, and many a Mana Manipulator duel, resulted in some vecoming exceptionally good at their paths. Meanwhile hundreds if not thousands died. All this did actually not only benefit gods and the victors, but also the knowledge base from which apprentices were taught.

As years, decades, and centuries passed, people was fed up with the conflicts, and began to ease up on the godly feed. Falling back to visiting, trading, and marrying, they largly ignored the living gods and focused on their own capabilities. When suddenly, not just gods but all divines, created a great conflict that became a full scale war of most races. Eventually leading to our world ripping, disrupting the Astravel link grid, so the inner Astral spewed forth, almost destroying the world. As the divines and mighty mana manipulators realized what was to happen, they united and sealed every rift.

Skjald Sigurd


Second Age

Our world had changed, tilted oddly, rotated at an angle, Astral Site/Gate disruptions, Moon and Sun orbits altered, and lands either sank or rose to mountain hight. At some places landslides created natural Borders due height differences, elsewhere new mountain ranges or lakes and rivers, split communities, tribes, and families. Thus Flaum, Sloviit, and Fridor in time became independent Countries.

Countless suns had passed… countries again in peace… boats from The Rim… made our world so grim…

Skjald Kazumix


Third Age

I’m, no, we are uncertain, if The Bullheaded God and Wanderers was a godly stunt. But with that arrival, turmoil was back once more, and the wound and pride licking gods strode cocky along roadsides or tricked at taverns and inns. Not as cocky and daring as before, as they obviously could die -dissolve into the energies that formed them once more. But still fighting their internal everlasting struggle, costing all other races dearly, cursed be the Boriac slackers.

Anyhow the people of Flaum did their best to advance in technology, Skills, arts, and much more. In time a few became almost as skilled as Ljost Alfar, and the Vular sought them out. Adviced by Ljost Alfar, they never taught their finest skills or Recipes to the Vular. Its highly doubtfull, but this could have been yet another factor the Vular War began.

Skjald Ulrich


Fourth Age

Yet another disaster, claiming land, people, and settlements. Bringing with it the ArisenLjostari sinking and Mt. Ljostia becoming Mt. Vula, our world changed drastically. Once more gods had more fun than mortals, the arisen birthed the Liches. Some families became such big names, that they became Hordes and as they grew in numbers, the period was called Age of Hordes, lasting up till the forming of The Realm.

The Realm became the first empire to cover all 9 isles, sadly it lasted but 27 years, as The Great Invasion destroyed it. Luckily the Invaders, and Drakk Alfar traitors, were defeated and a Cleansing Crusade hunted invasion remains and traitors. Now we have begun a new age, The Scorched Dawn

Skjald Sejrik



Skjald Yell’a’beard



It was ruled under one King, but since the great invasion, many nobilities, mayors, and Heroes have grasped areas they try to enlarge. Thus, people are once again drafted to fight next city neighbours, and lordly retinues.

Skjald Ulrich



They have the most excusite Amber.

Skjald Sigurd

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