Magic Glass


“Who created The Rim Even Gods can’t tell… but it’s odd with many wierd Raw materials… Magic Glass being the oddest of all in that unmagic belt of our World.”

Skjald Kazumix



It’s said that in the beginning, the Rim was not there, but in references from the middle Dark Ages it begins to appear. No one seems to know, or the gods simply won’t share their knowledge about this topic. No wonder as it’s a really odd place, neglecting the abilities of any Mana Manipulator and making it almost impossible to use Magic Paths. Yet it is the source of magic glass, first discovered and used by Mawmen.

As some Mawmen were forced from The Rim and Darin and took refuge at Ljostari, a few other Races like Kobold and T'Aurs learned to refine the raw material into Resources in the form of ingots, rods, and bars. Some say that it was these exclusive teachings that caused the Vular to stir the trouble that ended with Ljostari sinking.

Skjald Sejrik


Even though the Mawmen have harvested and worked with magic glass the longest, legend has it that it was the T’Aurs who ended up being the greatest Crafters regarding magic glass. When Ljostari sank, many of their crafting Lords died, but their Overlord and a vast amount of magic glass managed to escape. Realising how vital his knowledge was, he took on Apprentices from Moss'ari, Kobold, Fautyr, Ljost Alfar, Drakk Alfar and two more we don’t know of.

Magic glass is still harvested exclusively by Mawmen, who guard their mines with secrecy and ferocity all along the Rim. The very few places where its other races harvest came at quite a cost.

Skgald Sigurd



It’s found throughout the entire world, but the amount and Purity are the most and best at The Rim. Where Miners follow the ores deep into the ground.

Skjald Sejrik



Magic glass comes in all 8 Colours and an odd rainbow swirl, all with purity ranging from 1 to 1000. Mostly, an ore varies in purity as it runs, and where variation occurs, it tends to break.

Skjald Vinotis



If it hits, pierces, or cuts a mana manipulator, their use of magic paths is disrupted.

Skjald El Mary

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