BORN: 27/01 1132 FA in Tusla

RACE: Moss'ari/Realmar

REALM: Essence

AURA: Pink

HEIGHT: 188 cm




Junnatu Weavers King


“Hearthless is what is… ruler with determination.”

Skjald Kazumix



Fourth Age

Michel was a hard and complicated one to deliver, and the effort drained the life of his mother and eventually himself. The Midwifes claimed that he took but one breath of air, then sighed and looked around with increasingly bulging eyes, as his heart had stopped and he was losing his Spirit anchor in his Carcass.

Thus did his father, a skilled Moss'ari. Shaman see no other solution but to perform a dangerous ancient rite on the baby. Seldom used as it demanded the highest of Skill to conduct, it had not been practiced for hundreds of years. But with his wife gone and the child slipping away, he cut the child’s heart out, chanting praise to Babusla. She appeared and replaced it with a Pink. Magic Shard and with a healing hand, she closed the wound, and the baby screamed!

As she vanished with the hearth, Tiati Willi lifted his son and praised him. The next day, at sunrise, the King held his son high in front of the assembled Horde and all cheered for the King to come.

Skjald Vinotis


During his childhood, he became strongly bonded with a handful of the other kids and excelled in every way: sports, wit, and hand. The group always tried to out-best each other, and in their early teens, they began involving Magic in their competition: chants, talismans, weaving of hands, force of will, and any form of Alchemy they could imagine. As they aged, they became extremely skilled in the use of magic and faced a fearsome lot of opponents in battle. A fact that resulted in their horde being sought as an ally in warfare.

Skjald Sejrik


As the young generation of magic-skilled warriors grew in age and numbers, so did their influence in Tusla. In 1146, they decided to see if they could conquer their country and unite it under one crown, so warfare against opposing forces began, and within the first summer they had gained control of all the Greystone Plateau. The following summer, they took Fjordor Roughlands and all of Tusfjell up north. Then it was but two more years and all of Tusla but the lowlands west of Rainers Falls, which submitted the following year. So it took only 5 years before they had control over Tusla.

Victorious and with a strong united base, they started to send agents into Grebi and Usai as they had grander plans for East Fjella. As the years went by, they learned of a mighty force in Tornix, which they realised they could never defeat. So they formed an alliance; Junnatu Weavers and Dawn Reborn would be the dominating forces. Both, of course, seek to be dominant without warfare.

Skjald El Mary


50′ -often in war… he gained lethal a scar… sending others afar…

55′ -but with a grin… he stitched a cut… bent a bone… scoffed a blow…

60′ -with creaks and cracks… flows stopped, and bones mended…

65′ -how could he… what did it mean… bone…

Skjald Kazumix


In 1167, Meanbones father’s health had begun to falter, and the Horde had begun discussing his role as the next king. When Zizu visited and told Meanbone that there might be someone who could shed light on the ritual performed on him when born, Surprised that Zizu knew of it, he asked how. Zizu is said to have replied, “I… know a lot, and as I am travelling there anyway, I wanted you to come long.” Intrigued, Meanbone went along.

I’ve been told that when they sailed out from Port Skipol, they both noticed a Beastmaster, clearly with mixed blood due to his size and bulk, sitting aside the rest. Intrigued, they approached, introduced themselves, and inquired about his heritage. Zizu told me that he had a hunch about the Kobold blood, but meeting one of the Kobold blood was a first for Meanbone. Both immediately liked Kalmo who was merely seeing the world. So they agreed to travel together to this’secret spot’ Zizu wanted to show them.

A few weeks later, they stood at the shore of Halkistal and Zizu asked Deepminded about some amulet keys. They were shown both The Well of Wisdom and the Well of Divine Tears, the first guests in the vault since 1128. Zizu and Meanbone left that same year, leaving Kalmo behind.

Skjald Sigurd


After becoming king in 1182, years passed where Meanbone didn’t do much but strengthen his grip on Tusla and influence in East Fjella. A move he further strengthened by moving their Hordes court to Usai where they began to enhance some ancient caves and called the new site Junnatu Caves.

In 1232, he held a great banquet to celebrate his 50th anniversary as king and invited hundreds of royals, nobility, and self-made notables. At the feast, Bergon was present and used the feast to gain insight into one of the best-kept secrets in The Realm. A knowledge Bergon sold to Lionel and the founders of the Holy Star Order. It might have been at this feast that the idea of The Ream and a Leap Year elected High King of Kings were born.

Skjald Sejrik


In 1251, the founding members of the Holy Star Order came to East Fjella. Landing in Tornix, they were intercepted by Zizu. Who called upon Terminus of the Junnatu Weavers to come study the visitors? Both were tricked though, and the group managed to ambush Attilla steal the map to Meanbone’s heart and travel incognito to the Junnatu Caves.

The following year, the Holy Star Order was allowed to set up monasteries on very favourable tax and military terms. More surprisingly, Meanbone supported Gizmo as the first High Kings Captain. Some say it’s due to the respect Gizmo gained after meeting alone with the Junnatu Weavers Court and presenting both Meanbone and Attilla with personal gifts. I’ve heard that a personal duel between Gizmo and Attila took place; none have said who won. But it’s said that at some point in the duel, Attilla whispered something in the ear of Gizmo.

Skjald Sigurd


In 1277, Meanbone once again was in Fogwald, visiting Deepminded at the Deep Inn. Present was also Black Oak, The Pilgrim, Kanziganthir, Woodmaster. and on the second day El Mary showed up and was welcomed. The next day, when the group rode off, she stood long in the doorway, looking at the back of Black Oak.

Skjald Sejrik


When the the Great Invasion hit our shores and sites, Meanbone was with Zizu at Ashenhall going over some lore with Ulrich. When suddenly The Pilgrim came forth from a mirror, pulled the Kings aside, and exchanged short words, then stepped back into another mirror.

Within a few hours, the castle was a roar of noise, as the king had ordered his army to prepare to travel to Grimsborg and fight some Frog-men Monsters that had swarmed their High King. Then suddenly, Ulrich has told me, the castle went silent as words spread that Academy of Ri, The Beastmaster Fair, and other locations had been attacked as well. a myriad of humanoid creatures and monsters numbering thousands.

Skjald Vinotis


Meanbone left as quickly as the Pilgrim and went to the Junnatu Caves. When he came forth from the Astral Site/Gate, he was overwhelmed by the mayhem. Everywhere he looked, he saw his Hordes members fight. Seeing their king, Terminus, Atilla and their guest Nahita ran to the site and ganged up with their king. The group ploughed its way to the cave’s entrance and managed to get inside.

Greatly decimated, they managed to withstand the pressure, and it turned into a siege. Foes are most likely waiting for reinforcements. It came six months later, but it was good news for the Junnatu Weavers, as it was Polski and Aragon with a contingent of warriors and two wagons  of provisions. The aid attacked the besiegers in the back, and the besiegers sallied out, and they ended up victorious. From there, they began purging the land.

Skjald Sigurd



His heart is stored in a secret place, so he cannot be killed by normal wounds.

Skjald Ulrich

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