Longfangs once lived here, but their bite have been washed away by Da'Vey the restless.”

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



A myriade of Races lives side by side, in a rather peaceful manner since dawn of time. The amount of Races and the amount  and power of Mana Manipulators litterally living and travelling everywhere, has made even the most remote Farmer aware of the fact that theres more in our World than Humans and simple hard work.

Since  The Great Invasion even the most remote and lowborn has been on an edge though and are very suspisious of strangers.

Skjald Ulrich




Skjald Sejrik



They are Organized more like the Free City of Muldum than traditional Countries.

Skjald El Mary



Everyone… is a darn… 'Pathwalker'

Skjald Kazumix

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