BORN: 31/12 999 SA in Quigly

RACE: Findograa

REALM: Channelling

AURA: Yellow

HEIGHT: 177 cm




Elder of Fylgia Lot


“An odd fate is said to lay on her shoulders, as shes destined to live a thousand years and be reborn at millenniums end.”

Skjald El Mary



At a remote farmstead the ancient old and wise midwife, held aloft the newborn raising it towards the Moon. Looking into the skies her eyes rolled up and with but the white she seemingly stared into the Astral as colours flickered  and shone back. Then, with a vibrating deep voice she uttered, “This is the millenniums last child, born here at Vrekabo. A child destined to live us another one full!”. Then she sank dead to the floor and it seemed like the child consumed her Spirit as it released.

Her mother, an old Shaman smiled and let go of her husbands hand, “take the child to me my dear”. He rose and as he lifted the child up, he felt like it became heavier by each step he took, and when he handed it to his wife he noticed his hands, old and wrinkled. Then he felt his face and walked to look into a mirror. Discovering that he seemingly had aged several decades since taking hold of the child, he turned to his wife to warn her. He managed to notice how old she had become, yet she still breasted the child. With a loving smile at him, sge died and crumbled to dust…

Several weeks later a goat herder came by, to ask for water. He found none of the residents there, but only a baby. Scattered around the farmstead was several piles of clothes so he thought everyone had died and eaten by animals. Feeling sorry for the child, he used goat milk to keep it fed and decided to stay a while.

After a couple of weeks his son came by looking for his father and was surprised to find him considerably older than what was to be expected, tending a young girl. His father told him of the weird child, and how fast it had grown in the last few weeks. And he presented to his son, what he believed was the diaries of the childs parents, and then his father died. As the son couldn’t read, he placed them back at the table and took the child with him to their village.

None ever came to Vrekabo again, until I 173 years later entered the half collapsed ruin and recovered the diaries.

Skjald Ulrich


It’s unclear if it was Wrekazi, Vrekabo or something different back then, which caused the ageing and deaths of so many. But after she moved it stopped and even though she once was back it didn’t take place again. I assume she actually brought someone along, since she knows, but I never asked.

The small village of Akmutal at the east side of Mt. Mazari was a thriving trade center as they had one of the purest Serandite mines in all the isles. Thus, being rather small population wise it had quite a number of wealthy collectors and alternative enthusiasts. So, despite being a foster child of a Herder. Wrekazi had access to Shaman and literature both, and she preferred those than playing with other children.

As years passed it was clear that she was gifted with shamanistic ways and she claimed she could communicate with Fylgia. Which, combined with the old rumor about her life consuming, made other children and adults shun her. As I experienced, it actually fitted her perfectly, because she then could study and practice in peace. I still remember coming to Akmutal for the first time and hearing about her.

Visiting the Herdsman's son -her foster father, in 1129 at the brink of his life. He told me about her, how he found her, his fathers words and mentioned the diary. A thing he for so long had forgotten, but as he never learned to read he never gave it a thought. The next day he closed his eyes for the last time and I praised myself lucky that I managed to come across this remarkable story previously undiscovered. I visited her shortly and it was her that told me about The Bay of Braburg, far more interesting than building with Serandite.

Skjald Sejrik


When I heard Sejrik mention Wrekazi and her odd story the first time, at The Barfing Seal in 1172. I asked why he hadn’t shared it yet. He told me that he would confirm it at some point by going back to Vrekabo or maybe he would let some Skjald do that. Sort of odd to think that a hundred years passed and then he became a Skjald himself. Anyways, I must watch not to fall into chit chatting like that Yell'A'Beard, and stick to Wrekazi’s story.

Immediately I postponed plans to go to Tornix and instead headed for Quigly up the island of Utari. Within a few weeks I was at the docks of Port Lensil and from there travelled across Yill Scrub-lands and up through the rough lands to Akmutal. There, outside the village, at the end of Cûrrme Crevasse laid Zi Grove, and the treehouse of Wrekazi.

It was an interesting meeting, in which I asked her about the weird tickling sensation I felt. Was it confirmation of her proclaimed lethal ability, or something else. She laughed wholehearted and told me about Earthnodes, a thing I had no previous knowledge of. She said that she believed living in these locations kept her curse at bay. When I inquired into the, ‘these locations’, she grinned and confirmed that they where spread out across the isles. Each and every one believed to be sacred sites leading into the Spiritual World. This made me actually forget about the diary in Vrekabo, but maybe it was the Skjalds luck.

Skjald Valgrif


Staying at Ashenhall in 1173 Valgrif came as well as he had to discuss something about Earthnodes with Zizu. The topic was at that time still a bit vague among many of the Skjalds. So I left to meet that Wrekazi and handed the interesting young Vinotis to the hospitality of Zizu and Valgrif.

Oddly enough I met her in Port Lomovil in Lom's Fjord at the south-most shore of Scia. As we laid there for the day to trade and get fresh provisions I saw someone walking from another ship, with a shoulder carriage and an odd staff similar to the description Sejrik had given Valgrif. So, I chanced my luck and yelled a, “Wrekazi…” at the person. Who merely turned and smiled as if she had anticipated the boldness.

I waved at her, quickly grabbed my things and parted with captain. Facing her at the pier it struck me how beautiful she was, her being another human albeit 130 years older than me, had left no trace at all and she was stunning. Maybe there was something about her ability or curse. Anyways, I presented myself as a friend of Valgrif and acquainted with Sejrik another one who I had met telling of her, and that I as a Skjald was interested in Earthnodes. Especially as I had encountered some old rite and temple sites in my time, that might have been such Earthnodes.

Due me being a Skjald she accepted the invitation for talk, and we spent a couple of days at a nice little inn, where she told me of the Earthnodes she knew and I told her of those I knew. During the session I noticed her raising an eyebrow when I described The Grey Crevasse. At that time I had no idea that it would become her favorite place of residence, nor its potential for what Magic users call Carcass Refill. It was a couple of educating days in more ways than I had anticipated.

Skjald Ulrich


As they sat munching bread… and poking stew… a very foolish crew… with ears too big… and oh so spiked a stick… tried their best… to rid the guest… when leaving stay… they started a fray… and Kaziwren faces grabbed… and their souls she trapped… so horrified the Skjald… such gentle a smile…

Skjald Kazumix


I’ve heard that after the brawl in Port Lomovil Wrekazi went directly for The Grey Crevasse and Ulrich directly for Vrekabo. There he recovered the original farmstead owners diary and also had visions in his dreams, as he stayed there overnight. In these he saw wrekazi’s birth and her early weeks, in which she in fact did consume the Spirits of the living and the Fylgia urgently coming around to investigate her. He told me some had entered her willingly, others had a rather unpleasant departure from their former hosts.

Wrekazi passed by Ea and resisted to go there despite the strong pull. She wanted to see The Grey Crevasse before anything else and as she told me, it was a wise move. Even when she was closing in she could feel its inherit power and standing amidst the toppled and cracked pillars of the site, she was overwhelmed. All the entrapped spirits left their vessel and began swirling in a whirlpool. Extracting and contracting in pulsing rhythm with the throbbing of the Earthnodes, they opened the Portal to the Astral and surged through.

Holding her breath, determined that this was to be examinated or it was pointless to live, she stepped through the flickering and fading gateway. With a flash she stood at the Astral, bewildered and deprived of direction sense, she started to walk. She saw odd creatures pass by her, impressively looking heroes, lords and ladies strode by as well. Some, turned their heads as if sensing her, but most merely went by disappeared in the blurred mist.

Then, she told me with an odd smile, “‘He’, stood there in front of me…”, and she broke off, never telling me that story. Most annoyingly for a Skjald.

Skjald Vinotis


Some say that The Grey Crevasse felt different prior 1173, I can’t tell as I was not even born then. Many have told and confirmed to Skjalds though, so it must have been quite some spectacle unfolding there when Wrekazi unloaded her burden. Whats more odd is that she was not reported seen by anyone again, until she appeared in the town of Vilmala at the shore of Lake Ryba at new years day in 1200. Shes said to have entered the city gates from the direction of Drikwald and not the paved roads defining Markeoy's trade routes. Entering the city she went directly to the towns goldsmith Arr 'O' Loth, not to trade gold but to visit Arr’s delivering wife Murr An Andal.

Talk was brief, a blessing of the baby to come and then they say she left again. As she walked out the door, Arr ‘O’ Loth rushed after to thank her. But, outside she was no where to be seen, and inside a baby’s cry was heard.

Skjald El Mary


Again silence, emptiness and none with a sighting of Wrekazi until 1212 when she appeared at the town of Wrinde in Agion, again to visit a birthing. This time a troubled one with a mother at the brink of dying before delivering. As if renewed energy flowed through the woman, she surprised the attending midwife and managed to give birth to a healthy boy. Holding her child, she smiled at the attending and then she died. As all had focused on the mother to be, none had noticed that Wrekazi had left the room.

Once more, Wrekazi was not seen until reported appearing at Mt. Vula in 1230.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


Hammer and anvil… she made them not civil… ingots to balls… souls heard calls… gasses and flares… consumed odd stares… bastard and beast… she consumes in a feast…

Skjald Kazumix


Shes said to have stayed at Mt. Vula for 8 years, spending one year a Soul Sphere . Working with great Smidhr, Alchemists, and other Grandmasters. Then in 1239 she traveled to Ea where she spent a few years in the Academy of Ea. And in 1241 she’s reported to have been seen at Junnatu Caves.

Then shes reported to have been mostly at The Grey Crevasse where she met with Heroes, Skjalds and whoever passed by. Retracted into a side crack the grove covering her house allowed for anyone to pass by, or pause and meet her. She was always welcoming anyone and had much to tell if one had time to listen.

Skjald Sejrik


She’s claimed by some to have attended meetings where the plans for a High King and The Realm was spawned and growing. Others claim she was neutral as she was more fond of the old system of Hordes setting the course and getting rid of anything weak or flawed -the old way.

Anyways, she was attending the 1st. coronation at Bilmurs Bridge where the opposition was defeated and kneeling to the supremacy of the 1st Alliance. Some say she actively participated at the High Kings side, defeating several of the opponents in both melee and magic. But she was not at the great feast where Grimsborg, High King, and The Realm was celebrated. Marking the beginning of the new age, was not in her interest as -some say -it could be seen as another ‘millennia’ birth. Thus setting doubt about her own birth prophecy.

Skjald Ulrich


At the time up to The Great Invasion she told me she was in the Astral with her preferred one. Then things became complicated and odd and she left the Astral. Only to find herself at the other side of The Rim. It took her considerable effort and 1 and a half year to finally return to The Grey Crevasse. Only to find her seals broken and her house razed. Infuriated she began hunting invaders.

Skjald Valgrif



Shes currently Elder of Fylgia Lot

Skjald Vinotis



She can use her powers to consume peoples souls, which she store in her glass spheres. She also have a vasp nest hanging at her staff, which on her bidding will scout ahead or attack opponents.

Skjald Sigurd

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