BORN: 26/03 1169 in FA Snaw

RACE: Ortagui/Clovincaz

HEIGHT: 188 cm

REALM: Cyan Mentalism

AURA: Yellow



Holy Star Order Gold Founder



1169 Born

1222 Met Dogil

1222 Went to Mukadall Monastery

1223 Founded Holy Star Order

1223 Met KalmoAragon

1251 West Fjella


“A common man… did what only a few can… rose above the rest… cleansed away every pest… any Invaders guest… and whoever he saw fit!”.

Skjald Kazumix



Fourth Age

Born in Port Alburt the only child of a couple who owned The Rearing Mule inn down the docks. His Ortagui father also did the bounching and the Clovincaz mother the accounting. He grew up serving drunkards, vision-less workers, whores, thiefs, and other ragtags, while hearing secrets that should never be told. Which spawned a disgust in him, and although he did enjoy what the plate had to offer, he slowly turned his back on the temptations of mankind.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


At the age of 7, he began realising the value of being able to read, as he often gained a peek at what guests thought he was ignorant of. Slowly he studied, spending spare time with elder kids caring to teach the young eager and, to their surprise, quite bright and skilled lads. The surprise became bigger when he declined offers to become a scholar. He wanted no ties and was mind-bogging Teachers, yet at the age of 13, he was fluent in Realmish and even had picked up some of the Tatongol and Vularian, as well as a few phrases of Moss'Ari.

He succeeded in urging his parents to improve the quality of food, ale, wine, and furniture. So that they could get wealthier, more coin-spending customers. At the age of 16, he persuaded them into buying the next-door warehouse, which they rebuilt to be part storage and part lodging. Thus, the rearing Mule became a favourite place for travellers about to sail or ride off, spending many a coin and spreading many a map and document.

As customers began asking for steed shelter while they were away, or mounts and packing going inland, At the age of 18, he bought a farm outside town and convinced his parents to retire there. Only work would then, at their growing age, be handing out or receiving steeds and mules. As they agreed, he hired some local lads and gals to do all the serving, and his skills and knowledge kept growing.

Skjald Sejrik


In 1199, at the time he was 30 years old, he had bought two more neighbouring houses and expanded further. One was more housing and pleasure for the guests. The other was a courier service to and from the farm, as well as packets and documents for various clients. Slowly, he worked upwards through more and more careless and coin-spending customers. But it was beginning to bore him to merely serve others, so he began sending others to fetch and bring. Concentrating solely on being at the centre of the flow, he kept studying language and lore.

This is what we believe led him to travel all the way to the town of Eamulda at Mt. Cobvi in 1212 to meet Cronos, who is said to have made Regarir a pair of glasses at Mt. Vula.

Skjald Sigurd


When he returned in the autumn, he handed a couple of his trusted workers the reins of his business and left the inn the next day. He went straight to Orwoll's Observatory in Obran and studied there for the next 2 years. Then, in 1215, he left during the summer, and when he came back, it said he had read their entire library in only 3 years. So, in 1218, he bade them farewell and left to Snaw as he wanted to see his home.

Returning, to his surprise, the ones holding the reins had done so successfully. They had bought several other inns, houses, shops, and even a small uninhabited village uphill. They had no clue what to use it for yet, but they knew from studying him back then. That land was a good thing to invest in. Quite impressed, he decided not to interfere with daily running but instead dived into what the village could be used for.

After inspecting it, he spent a couple of nights at the tables of The Rearing Mule, and at some point he mentioned to a comrade that it could be turned into a place where the holy people that passed by could rest, like that Mukadall Monastery he had seen. Hearing that name, an old man at the nearby table said, “I know many a tale about that gargantuan haunt house.”. Regarir moved to his table, and within a week, they both had moved up into the village, working to make it a pilgrim and holy man’s shelter.

Skjald Valgrif


Impressed by the youngsters vast knowledge of Markeoy, the old man told countless tales of unwritten lore and legends. It is believed Regarir wrote down every single word. When not telling or writing, they restored the village. Slowly, the population grew, as it was mostly people affiliated with the divine or administration who passed by or stopped to reside. The village became a self-supplying holy place, with the only problem being that it had too little land surrounding it. At times, Regarir began leaving to seek opportunities to buy more, but the local Jarl had figured they needed land and had begun considering their presence, so countryside prices skyrocketed. But in 1223, everything changed.

Skjald El Mary


In the summer of 1223, they both sat at the Filled Bucket, the village’s only as-such inn. It was from here that house renting or sponsoring was managed, and it was here Dogil. walked in and was somewhat taken aback by the raw, untamed Aura of Regarir. Gaining his feet, he approached and asked if the old man was Minuriol of Bendol, in Braburg. Former scribe of Orwoll’s Observatory. Both told me that, blinking in surprise, the old man replied yes, while both Regarir and Dogil were ready for the other to unleash Magic. Regarir told me he had this odd, unknown feeling and readyness, yet he didn’t know what it meant. Dogil, on the other hand, told me he did not destroy Regarir, as he could see no alignment forming itself nor illumination change—merely an extremely strong swirling aura colour.

As the words echoed out, the tense situation relaxed itself, and Dogil sat down. Then I asked about Muckadall Monestary, and from there, things moved swiftly. And in 1223, they stood outside the gates, watching crops being sown, accompanied by hammering and sawing from the monastery.

Skjald Vinotis


They spent the next 10 years laying the foundation for one of their boldest moves. Due to his knowledge of land-owning value and the vision of Dogil, they claimed all of the peninsula in 1233 as theirs. The rulers of Obran and Braburg were infuriated and prepared for war, burning down their monastery. But, with the right allies and deeds of ownership in order, they called upon ‘the law of hordes’. And it was surprisingly enough, granted them. So they snapped half a peninsula from each country and became impressively wealthy and powerful.

Immediately they began setting up missions around The Realm. I bet it was both to spread their wings but also to be able to gather news from every corner of the known world. Some places outright declined their presence, like in 1236 on Island of Piecao where Lionel told them to stay off his island. Others, like East Fjella, only accepted them due to their extremely bold and smart scheming on behalf of the Holy Order. Like in 1251, when they came back for a meeting with Lionel, they kept mouths shut regarding the Naldar. Who now lived in a mini-fortress built up behind the city and into the mountainside. There surely was something special about this lot, as they acted somewhat arrogant but were still treated with respect. The leader of the household had also fathered a son since their last visit, and the lad seemed around 12 or so and showed the utmost respect. After the meeting, they travelled off to Tornix, sailed from the border town of Totanto, across Lake Longla, and reached Hjortsby. Then onwards to ambush Attilla, borrowing his armbands showing the location of Meanbone's Hearth deep within the Junnatu Caves. A move so risky that even Meanbone appreciated the move.

It was during this event that they decided to add first Gizmo and then Bergon into the inner circle of Holy Star Order. Gizmo, though, ended up having a break from serving the order as he for a while served the High King.

Skjald Sigurd


They nodded, bowed, and smiled… at both friends… and exiled kin…

The High King thinks them a pillar…. not a stake… yet never fake…

They spread their wings… as children sing… garrotes for slings…

When foes did land… hands clasped on every man… burying them in our sand…

Their final tribute… in human prison… was true to the founder’s vision…

And with their blood… they praised their god.

Skjald Kazumix


Many of their ranks died throwing themselves at the forces of The Great Invasion as their monastery was one of the main targets. Eventually they had to retreat to the shore as enemies kept pouring at them, and even their mightiest ran out of Mana or Stamina. There at the Bründermal Shore they thought Murf was finally calling their names.

When suddenly Astral flares appeared among the fighting, and out from a Earthnode created by Dogil on the fly, using the nearby flickering Spirit remains, T'Aurs poured roaring with rage out from what seemed like a rainbow bridge. This unexpected appearance of the mighty allies was what I assume saved the collapsing Dogil and the remnants of the order. It’s said that people saw Mino amongst the commanders of that relieving force. But afterwards, they couldn’t find him dead or alive and asked about him; the T’Aurs merely grinned slyly.

Skjald Ulrich



Now, Regarir is seen both alongside the old relic Black Oak, who was reinstated as High King to lead the Cleansing Crusade. And walking the roads with others of the Holy Star Order or alone, crossing the wilderness with great haste.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



Can channel extreme amounts of mana into nearby Magic Paths users.

Skjald El Mary

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