Build: Any

Height: (cm)

Females: 50-2500

Males: 70-3000


Females: Any

Males: Any


Females; –

Males: –

Skin: Any

Hair: Any

Eyes: Any

Language: Any

Culture: Any


“They are the nameless shadows, the void-kin of divines, the origin of Fylgia or Fylgin.”

Skjald Ulrich



Dark Ages

When some embraced the tainting of Astral leakings or left The Void entirely, others scuttered away, seeking shelter in the shadows of the void. These primal beings, untainted by the astral, were at first considered monsters. But both Thursar and Wickeryadi realised these were sentient in a different way than the astral touched.

Many of these were forced into tainting by the Boriac, even more slain as they would not submit to the ‘astral blessing’. But some managed to stay unnoticed or destroy the Boriac encountered, thus their way prevailed World Reforming. Their branch of Void Weaving and Arcane Weaving is a much-sought treasure.

Skjald El Mary


First Age

When the divines shaped our world, the powers of some void creatures were so great that they managed to slide onto our world along the Void gardens being hauled around and stitched together. These void beings, managing to slip into our lands, are of power almost rivalling the divines—power they used to form realms of their own.

Some have stated that it was neither Gods nor Wickeryadi that birthed the Vampire, but in fact it was the Jötunn. If this is true, it makes so much sense that the divines acted as they did to rid our world of this unplanned abomination, and why they did not succeed. Just as they slid through the dark ages shadows and onto our world in the chaos, they managed to steer through the 1st Cataclysm.

Skjald Sigurd


Second Age

One of them, Rănāldōr Fërătõ, once told me that despite their worry about the possible collapse of everything, they did have a laugh as the Boriac and Vornir stood as loosers. It was not the first time a divine had a ‘bloody nose’, but it was a first seeing the lot defeated, and their opponents, although decimated, stood victorious. If it was their parenting or the general animosity towards things astral,the answer is unanswered, but Jötunn has always had a thing for vampires.

Up through the second age, Jötunn was more often seen by Human and N-Erectus, either alone, with their kin, or with Thursar or Wickeryadi. Slowly, legend spread about these mysterious beings, and individuals began tracking them and seeking them out to learn their lore about fylgia. Maybe it was all this Spirit practice and praise that led to a new factor on the scene.

Skjald Valgrif


Third Age

The Bullheaded God came roaring from south of The Rim, and with it came the Wanderers. If it was Jötunn, vampires, or something else, it is still unclear, as it quickly fought both kinds and then was gone again. Some claim it was slain, others say it was killed, and some say it lives with a vampire bride somewhere in Midgard. If so, then rest assured that Jötunn is looking for it, and should you ever gain knowledge, they can use it for a reward. Because of that one, they gate even more than Boriac.

But as it was but a brief wind, Jötunn kept evolving and existed alongside things planned, almost like Combat Herbs tended by the Wickeryadi. The difference was that herbs didn’t strike back if uprooted, and since world creation, no new Vornir, Boriac, or god had been born, so Jötunn was generally left alone. And since they also had a taste of total chaos in the 1st cataclysm, they restrained themselves from the most insane ideas that spawned. Its even said they found the godly instigated Vular War, if not moronic, then foolish.

Skjald Vinotis


Fourth Age

The Jötunn was right, and as Ljostari became a fountain of Mana Manipulator Paths and spirits, they gave one collective sigh when Mt. Vula erupted and the Deep Blue Tsunami built and swept the world’s shores.

The Thursar, known as Juglatmul Snaqqalat once said that a Jötunn told her thats why they used so much energy to create the Rim. But if that’s the case, the Jötunn would be able to see the future in ways not even the Vornirs could, and then why wouldn’t they then avoid their deaths? That is a mystery I would love to solve.

Skjald Sejrik


Jötunn did not interfere at all with Arisen nor Liches, and they began retracting from all races. At first it was humans, then n-erectus, and finally also Wickeryadi, yet a few were seen standing beside Kanziganthir at the crowning of the first High King. At the time of The Great Invasion they only dealt with Thursar, and they did not interfere in the war or the Cleansing Crusade. Shame as I’d like to meet one, and over a mug of ale or whatever, ask questions till they get bored. Apropos ale, waiter!

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



Generally, they live alone… those are the strongest… some live in small groups… throughout the entire world.

Skjald Kazumix



As far as we know, they have no worldwide organisation, although it is known that as soon as they live together or gather up, some sort of hierarchy quickly builds. We are unaware of what this is based on.

Skjald El Mary



They know shapechanger magic… and can see the future.

Skjald Kazumix

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