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“With very deep roots, in time and soil… Egrals legacy, The Royal Clover so easily spoil…”

Skjald Kazumix



The Dark Ages ended with the catastrophic attempt of the Vular race to seize the now sunken Isle of Ljostarii. This event triggered a massive tsunami that flooded the shores and riverbanks of Egral’s neighbor countries Zapri to the North, and Mumak and Noriag to the South. The catastrophe gave birth to the Arisen Race of awakened undead.

Skjald Vinotis


The Second Age commenced with the eruption of Mt. Vula at Ljostari and the ensuing tsunami event. Egral was then predominantly inhabited by the Human Rimzir race, with a few settlements of other races like the Drakk Alfar, Fautyr, Kobold, Ljost Alfar, and T'Aurs. As time passed, races mixed, events unfolded, and Settlements were constructed. Trade thrived, and skilled Artisans crafted extraordinary creations.

Around the year 650, the Age of Hordes began, witnessing the rise of several powerful families, Clans, and Tribes in Egral. This period’s golden age occurred between the years 800 and 1250. However, the era came to an end when The Realm was established, and a High King was instituted. Grimsborg, built in the neighboring country of Bebram, became the united capital of The Realm.

Skjald Ulrich


The unity of The Realm was shattered by The Great Invasion, where seven races from the faraway Outlands – the Aquerian, Anurai, Kinoblin, Mammutan, Pigryn, Romasai, and Ye'til – invaded the land. Additionally, some residing Drakk Alfar within The Realm joined the invaders.

The Great Invasion resulted in the plummeting of Egral’s Nobility, Organisations, Guilds, and population into chaos. In the aftermath of this devastating invasion, known as the Cleansing Crusade, the invaders were ultimately expelled, and the country strives to restore order and stability once again.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


The Ruler of Egral:

The ruler of Egral holds the title of King or Queen, depending on the monarch’s gender. The King or Queen is the supreme authority and the head of state in Egral. The position is usually hereditary, passed down through a royal bloodline, but in some cases, it can also be decided through a council of nobles or other established succession systems.

The King/Queen’s Responsibilities:

  1. Leadership: The King or Queen is responsible for providing strong and decisive leadership to the country. They oversee the functioning of the government, make important decisions, and set the direction for Egral’s policies and priorities.
  2. Justice and Law: The monarch serves as the highest judicial authority in Country, generally adhering to Law of The Realm. They have the power to grant pardons, enact laws, and ensure justice is upheld throughout the country.
  3. Diplomacy: The King or Queen represents Egral in diplomatic matters and engages in negotiations and alliances with neighboring countries and foreign powers. They play a crucial role in maintaining peaceful relations and fostering trade and cultural exchanges.
  4. Defender of the Realm: The ruler is the supreme commander of Egral’s armed forces and takes on the role of defending the country from external threats and invasions.

The Court at Castle Rimearth:

Castle Rimearth, located in Rimhaven, serves as the majestic seat of power for the King or Queen. The castle is a grand and imposing structure, a symbol of Egral’s strength and resilience. Within its walls, the monarch holds court, surrounded by a courtly entourage of nobles, advisors, Diplomats, and skilled artisans.

Roles and Functions of the Court:

  1. The Royal Council: The court includes the Royal Council, a group of trusted advisors who assist the King or Queen in making important decisions. The council is composed of skilled diplomats, military strategists, Scholars, and representatives from various regions of Egral.
  2. Noble Families: Noble families from different regions of Egral attend the court, representing their respective lands and interests. They provide counsel to the monarch and serve as important liaisons between the crown and the people.
  3. Artisans and Entertainers: The court is graced with talented artisans, musicians, poets, and entertainers who add to the ambiance of Castle Rimearth. They perform at royal gatherings and festivities, enriching the cultural life of the court.
  4. Foreign Diplomats: Foreign envoys and diplomats from neighboring countries and distant lands visit Castle Rimearth to negotiate treaties, discuss alliances, and strengthen diplomatic ties with Egral.
  5. Diplomats of Other Races: Envoys and diplomats from N-Erectus visit Castle Rimearth to discuss co-existence, treaties and alliances.

Ceremonies and Celebrations:

Castle Rimearth is a center of grand ceremonies and celebrations, such as coronations, royal weddings, and significant anniversaries. The court gathers in the majestic Great Hall to witness these momentous events and pay homage to the King or Queen.

Legacy and Continuity:

The court at Castle Rimearth is a place of tradition, culture, and diplomacy. The legacy of each ruler is inscribed in the annals of Egral’s history, and the court serves as a constant thread that connects the past with the present, ensuring the continuity of the realm’s governance and prosperity.

Skjald Sejrik


Since The Great Invasion, when King Beren Cloudborne passed away without having children. Conflict has broken out in Egral between those of royal heritage, sometimes known as The Royal Clover.

1. Princess Elara Cloudborne:

Elara Cloudborne is the niece of King Beren and the daughter of his late brother. She believes that she is the rightful heir to the throne, as the last surviving member of the direct royal bloodline. With a fierce determination to claim her birthright, she has garnered the support of loyalists who believe in her leadership and rightful claim. However, her ascension is challenged by other factions within the royal court who doubt her capabilities and question her legitimacy.

Conflict: Princess Elara faces opposition from rival claimants and their supporters who wish to seize the throne for themselves. She is forced to navigate a treacherous political landscape, facing accusations of nepotism and inexperience from her adversaries. Elara’s struggle is not only to secure her position as queen but also to prove her competence and strength in a time of crisis.

2. Lord Cedric Ashmoore:

As a distant cousin of the late King Beren, Lord Cedric Ashmoore asserts his claim to the throne, arguing that the royal bloodline’s direct connection should not be the sole criterion for succession. He presents himself as a capable and experienced leader, backed by a faction of nobles who see his rule as a chance for a new era of prosperity and stability in Egral.

Conflict: Lord Cedric’s claim ignites a bitter dispute, with factions loyal to Princess Elara questioning his entitlement and calling him an opportunist. They argue that the throne should rightfully belong to the last remaining member of the direct royal bloodline. The rivalry between Princess Elara and Lord Cedric intensifies, polarizing the nobles and dividing the court into warring factions.

3. Lady Isabella Thornwood:

Lady Isabella Thornwood, a cousin of King Beren’s deceased queen, emerges as another claimant to the throne. She argues that her connection to the former queen makes her the rightful heir, as she holds a legitimate tie to the royal lineage through marriage. Lady Isabella portrays herself as a unifying figure, capable of mending the divisions within Egral and restoring harmony to the realm.

Conflict: Lady Isabella’s claim gains traction with those who believe that a queen with connections to both sides of the royal bloodline can bring balance and stability. However, her assertion is met with resistance from supporters of Princess Elara and Lord Cedric, who view her claim as opportunistic and an attempt to take advantage of the chaotic situation. The infighting between the three factions becomes increasingly acrimonious, leading to deep divisions within Egral.

4. Lord Edwin Blackthorn:

A cousin of King Beren through an illegitimate branch of the family, Lord Edwin Blackthorn stakes his claim, arguing that his lineage still carries the royal blood. He presents himself as an alternative candidate who can unite the factions and end the infighting, emphasizing the importance of stability and continuity in uncertain times.

Conflict: Lord Edwin’s claim faces resistance from all sides, with his legitimacy as a potential ruler being fiercely contested. He becomes a polarizing figure, viewed with skepticism by those loyal to Princess Elara, Lord Cedric, and Lady Isabella alike. The dispute over his claim adds further complexity to the succession crisis, making the power struggle even more volatile.

As Egral plunges into a state of political turmoil and strife, the conflict between these claimants and their factions threatens to tear the realm apart. The struggle for the throne becomes a high-stakes game of alliances, intrigue, and betrayal, with the future of Egral hanging in the balance.

Skjald Valgrif



Egral lies at the central eastern side of the Isle of Midgard, bordered by several neighboring countries. To the northwest, Egral shares a deep fjord with Snaw and also has a land border at the westernmost edge. To the north the gargantuan lake Skarres Mirror, which was once a deep fjord, separating the two lands, lies Zapri. Egral’s southern neighbors are Noriag to the southeast and Mumak to the south-southwest. To the west lies Bebram.

The lands of Egral boast diverse terrain, with rolling hills, meandering rivers, and fertile plains. The temperate continental climate ensures mild summers and cold winters, making it suitable for agriculture and various industries.

Skjald El Mary


Cities and Settlements of Egral:

Rimhaven: The Glorious Capital of Egral, situated on the eastern coast of Mathronia, where the human Rimzir race predominates. Rimhaven is a bustling port city known for its trade and commerce, attracting merchants and travelers from all over The Realm. The city’s strategic location as a major port has granted it prosperity and significance in the region.

Cityscape: The cityscape of Rimhaven is an eclectic blend of ancient architectural wonders and modern structures. The heart of the city is dominated by the majestic Castle Rimearth, a fortress-like palace that has served as the residence of Egral’s monarchs for generations. The castle is built with strong walls, tall watchtowers, and soaring spires, symbolizing the resilience and power of the nation. Numerous canals crisscross the city, offering picturesque views and acting as important waterways for trade.

Trade and Commerce: Rimhaven boasts a bustling market district that thrives on commerce with ships from various Countries docking at the city’s busy harbor. The market square is a vibrant hub of activity, with merchants from distant lands offering exotic goods, rare artifacts, and fine craftsmanship. The city’s merchants are renowned for their fair dealings and shrewd business acumen, making Rimhaven a vital center of trade within The Realm.

Arts and Culture: Rimhaven has a rich cultural heritage, nurturing a vibrant arts scene. The city is home to numerous theaters, art galleries, and music halls where talented performers and artists showcase their talents. Festivals celebrating music, literature, and drama are common, drawing visitors and artists from far and wide.

Education and Learning: The city prides itself on its institutions of higher learning, including the esteemed Rimhavens Academy of Scholars. The academy is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, attracting scholars and students from all corners of The Realm. It is a place of intellectual exchange, where groundbreaking discoveries and innovations are fostered.

Skjald Sigurd


As the leader of the Royal Guard and a knight of Rimhaven, Sir Alderic 'the Valiant' Murtagh is a renowned Beacon of Chivalry.  Renowned for his bravery, chivalry, and unwavering loyalty to Egral. He is a symbol of honor and righteousness, inspiring generations of knights to come.

Early Life: Sir Alderic was born into a noble family in Rimhaven. From an early age, he displayed remarkable valor and a strong sense of justice, inspired by the stories of legendary knights that his father would recount. He received a rigorous education, learning the art of warfare, diplomacy, and chivalry.

Knighting Ceremony: At the age of 21, Alderic proved his mettle in a crucial battle against invading raiders from Snaw. His exceptional bravery and strategic prowess caught the attention of the ruling monarch, King Beren, who knighted him with great honor. Since then, he came to be known as “Sir Alderic the Valiant.”

Quest for The Crimson Blade: A few years into his knighthood, Sir Alderic embarked on a quest to find the legendary Crimson Blade, a fabled sword said to possess immense power and unparalleled craftsmanship. The journey took him through treacherous lands, battling formidable foes and solving ancient riddles.

Defender of the Realm: Sir Alderic earned fame and admiration throughout Egral for his selfless actions and unwavering commitment to the safety of Egral. He defended the city against numerous threats, thwarting invaders, and negotiating treaties that strengthened alliances.

Champion of the Oppressed: Beyond his military prowess, Sir Alderic was revered for his compassion and empathy towards the less fortunate. He championed the cause of the oppressed, standing up against injustice and advocating for the rights of common folk.

He died in The Great Invasion

Legacy: Sir Alderic’s legacy lives on as an embodiment of chivalry and honor. He became a symbol of hope and a source of inspiration for future generations of knights, earning the unwavering loyalty of his comrades and the love and respect of the people of Rimhaven. A statue of him on horseback stands tall at the heart of the city, a reminder of his enduring bravery and nobility.

Skjald Ulrich


Wynhold, a hub of culture, is situated in the heart of Egral, a region known for its singers, scholars, and artists, on the southern plains of Murrkandu. The city is renowned for its opulent libraries and Academy, as well as for its enchanted atmosphere and Magical power. It is recognized as the center for Magic research and a gathering place for academics, Mana Manipulators, and those who practice other mystical arts. Both locals and tourists from other countries find the city to be a wonder due to its entrancing beauty and rich cultural legacy.

Arcane Architecture: Wynhold’s architecture reflects the city’s deep connection with magic. Tall spires, adorned with shimmering runes and enchanted crystals, reach towards the sky, serving as beacons of knowledge and power. Ethereal lights dance along the streets at night, illuminating the city with an otherworldly glow. Every building in Wynhold is designed with intricate magical patterns, making the city appear as if it were a living work of art.

The Academy of Arcane Arts: At the heart of Wynhold lies the illustrious Academy of Arcane Arts. This prestigious institution welcomes talented Mages, wizards, and Sorcerersfrom across The Realm, eager to unravel the secrets of the mystical forces. The academy offers comprehensive programs in elemental magic, divination, alchemy, and other esoteric arts.

The Mystical Gardens: The city boasts the Mystical Gardens, a botanical paradise where rare and magical Flora flourish. The gardens are imbued with spells that change the colours of the flowers and create an ever-changing landscape of vibrant hues. It is said that walking through the Mystical Gardens can invigorate the Spirit and spark newfound inspiration in aspiring enchanters.

The Festival of Enchantments: Wynhold hosts the Festival of Enchantments, a grand celebration of magic, art, and culture. The festival draws magicians, illusionists, and performers from all around The Realm to showcase their talents. Street performances, spellbinding displays, and grand competitions captivate the audience and leave them spellbound.

Skjald Vinotis


Elara Stormsong: A powerful sorceress hailing from Wynhold, Elara is revered for her mastery over the arcane arts. She played a crucial role in safeguarding Egral during the Great Invasion, earning her the title Guardian of the Realm.

Early Years: Born to a family of skilled enchanters in Wynhold, Elara Stormsong displayed a natural affinity for magic from a young age. She inherited her family’s legacy of ancient knowledge and arcane arts, but she was determined to carve her own path and reach unprecedented heights of mastery.

Apprenticeship at the Academy: At the age of 16, Elara earned a coveted place at the Academy of Arcane Arts, where she honed her talents under the tutelage of esteemed mentors. Her prowess in elemental magic, particularly in harnessing the power of storms, earned her the moniker “Stormsong.”

The Guardian’s Awakening: During her time at the academy, Elara discovered a hidden chamber beneath the Mystical Gardens. In that sanctum, she encountered an ancient artifact known as the Stone of Unseen Winds. By unlocking its power, Elara became imbued with the essence of wind and storms, granting her unprecedented control over weather phenomena.

The Protector of Wynhold: Elara’s abilities and her deep sense of responsibility led her to become the city’s Guardian of the Arcane. She took it upon herself to safeguard Wynhold from malevolent forces, using her powers to protect the city and its inhabitants.

The Defenders of the Realm: Elara Stormsong played a crucial role during the Cleansing Crusade, defending Wynhold from the invading forces with her mastery over the elements. Her awe-inspiring feats in battle solidified her position as one of Egral’s greatest heroes. Elara vanished at the Battle of Weeping Plains.

The Legacy of Stormsong: Elara Stormsong’s legacy lives on in Wynhold’s folklore and the hearts of its people. She remains a symbol of the city’s strength and resilience, a beacon of hope, and a testament to the potential of the arcane arts. The statue of Elara standing in the heart of Wynhold serves as a reminder of her unwavering dedication to protecting her home and the pursuit of knowledge in the mystical arts.

Wynhold’s enchanting atmosphere and the legendary feats of Elara Stormsong make it a captivating city steeped in magic and mystery, drawing countless adventurers, scholars, and those seeking to unlock the secrets of the arcane.

Skjald El Mary


Dunholm: The Mighty Northern Fortress. Located in the northern reaches of Egral, Dunholm stands proudly as a formidable strategic fortress guarding the land from potential invasions. It is a resilient fortress city, nestled in the northern reaches of Egral. Perched atop a rugged cliff overlooking the tumultuous waters of Storms Fjord, Dunholm has earned its reputation as the guardian of Egral’s northern border. Its strategic location and imposing architecture make it an indomitable bastion against any potential threats.

Fortress Architecture: The architecture of Dunholm reflects its primary purpose as a military stronghold. The city’s imposing walls, constructed with massive stones and fortified with powerful magic, loom high above the sea, presenting an imposing sight to any approaching adversaries. Tall watchtowers and battlements offer an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape, providing ample warning of any potential danger.

The Cliffside Keep: At the heart of Dunholm lies the Cliffside Keep, the central command post and residence of the city’s military leaders. The keep is built into the cliffside itself, providing a strategic advantage against potential invaders. It is also home to the Dunholm Council, a council of experienced generals and military strategists who oversee the city’s defense and govern its affairs.

The Stormguard: Dunholm is renowned for its legendary elite force, known as the Stormguard. Comprised of the most skilled warriors, archers, and defenders, the Stormguard is a symbol of unwavering loyalty and fierce dedication to protecting Dunholm and its people. Clad in imposing armor and wielding enchanted weapons, the Stormguard stands as a formidable force against any threat.

Dunholm's Great Foundry: A testament to Dunholm’s strength and self-sufficiency, Dunholm’s Great Foundry lies within the city’s walls. It is the heart of Dunholm’s blacksmithing industry, producing the finest arms and armor in all of Egral. The skilled craftsmen of Dunholm’s Great Foundry forge legendary weapons and protective gear that have helped defend the city during countless battles.

The Northern Watchtower: Standing tall on the northernmost edge of the city, the Northern Watchtower acts as the first line of defense against potential invaders from the frozen lands beyond. It is manned by vigilant sentries who keep watch day and night, scanning the northern horizon for any signs of danger.

Skjald Vinotis


The Defender’s Legacy:

Thrain Ironfist: Among the heroes of Dunholm, one figure stands out as a legendary defender—Thrain Ironfist. Hailing from a long line of skilled Dwarven Blacksmiths, Thrain’s mastery of the forge was unparalleled. He was responsible for crafting some of the most formidable weapons wielded by the Stormguard. Thrain is one of the extremely few Ljostari Dwarves left alive from Ühmrar Zänziliibûhr's Tribe.

The Hammer of the Mountains: Thrain’s most renowned creation was the Hammer of the Mountains, a massive warhammer said to have been blessed by the mountain Gods themselves. With its thunderous strikes and the ability to control the earth, the Hammer of the Mountains became a symbol of Dunholm’s strength.

The Battle of Winter's Frost: During the Battle of Winter’s Frost, a massive invasion from the frozen lands of Northern Snaw threatened Dunholm’s existence. Thrain Ironfist, leading the Stormguard, wielded the Hammer of the Mountains with unmatched skill and bravery. His valiant efforts turned the tide of the battle, securing Dunholm’s victory and cementing his place as a legendary hero.

Legacy of the Defenders: The legacy of Dunholm’s brave defenders lives on in tales of valor and resilience. The citizens of Dunholm take immense pride in their city’s strength and the unwavering dedication of the Stormguard to protect their homeland. The memory of Thrain Ironfist and the heroes who stood with him during the Battle of Winter’s Frost serves as a reminder of the indomitable spirit of Dunholm.

Dunholm’s majestic architecture, the legendary prowess of the Stormguard, and the tales of its heroic defenders make it a beacon of strength and determination in the face of adversity. As the guardian of Egral’s northern border, Dunholm is a city revered and respected throughout The Realm.

Skjald El Mary


Stormwatch, A thriving port town famed for its nautical significance, shipbuilding expertise, and maritime trade, port of Trade and Seafaring is located along Egral’s north-eastern coast. A sizable fleet of warships and commerce ships is available from Stormwatch.

Stormwatch has prospered as a hub for shipbuilding, trade, and exploration because to its advantageous location on the beaches of the vast lake Skarres Mirror. Merchants, Sailors, and adventurers are drawn to the city by its nautical history and colourful atmosphere from all parts of Skarres Mirror and Storms Fjord to the west.

Harbor and Shipbuilding: The heart of Stormwatch is its magnificent harbor, a haven for ships of all sizes. The harbor teems with vessels from various countries, their sails adorned with colourful flags from far-off lands. The shipyards of Stormwatch are renowned for their skilled craftsmen, who construct sturdily built vessels capable of withstanding even the most treacherous seas.

Trade Hub: Stormwatch’s thriving trade industry plays a vital role in Egral’s economy. The city’s merchants engage in commerce with goods from both distant lands and local producers, fostering a vibrant marketplace that offers a diverse array of goods and exotic merchandise.

The Lakefarer's Guild: At the heart of the city, the Lakefarer’s Guild acts as a focal point for sailors and adventurers. It provides a place for weary travelers to rest, share tales of their adventures, and seek camaraderie. The guild also acts as an information center, offering valuable maritime intelligence and maps for those embarking on voyages.

The Navigator's Dome: A distinctive landmark of Stormwatch is the Navigator’s Dome, a magnificent observatory. Equipped with the most advanced navigational instruments, the dome serves as a center for studying celestial bodies, tides, and weather patterns, aiding sailors in plotting their journeys with precision.

The Festival of Tides: Stormwatch hosts the Festival of Tides, a grand celebration of the city’s maritime heritage. During this festival, the harbor is adorned with colourful banners and lanterns, and various maritime competitions, including sailing races and shipbuilding contests, entertain both locals and visitors.

Skjald Valgrif


Notable Figures

Captain Alaric Stormborn is a legendary seafarer who calls Stormwatch his home. Renowned for his daring voyages and adventurous spirit, Captain Alaric has sailed through uncharted waters, braving storms and discovering new lands. He is a respected figure among sailors and a source of inspiration for aspiring adventurers.

Mara Silversong is a master shipbuilder and entrepreneur who has made her mark in Stormwatch. Her shipyard is known for producing some of the most elegant and seaworthy vessels in The Realm. Mara’s craftsmanship is legendary, and her ships are highly sought after by both traders and explorers.

Skjald Sigurd


Stormwatch’s maritime prominence, bustling harbor, and legendary adventurers have carved its place as a beacon of exploration, trade, and camaraderie within Egral. With its rich maritime heritage and vibrant culture, the city continues to thrive as a hub for seafaring endeavors and as a symbol of the adventurous spirit that characterizes The Realm.

Skjald Ulrich


Mistwood: A Magical Natural Enclave: A mysterious community located on the Isle of Dybvad, just to the northeast of Rimhaven, inside a vast and old forest It is renowned for its magical ambiance, ethereal beauty, and presence of the secretive Fautyr species. Because of the Fautyr’s deep connection to nature, the community emanates a serene, mystic atmosphere that deters potential residents, wanderers, and collectors of magical objects.

The Fautyr Sanctuary: Mistwood serves as a sanctuary for the Fautyr, a mystical race deeply attuned to nature and its secrets. The Fautyr are known for their ability to communicate with animals and harness the energies of the forest. The settlement itself is an embodiment of their harmonious coexistence with nature, with wooden structures built into the trees and adorned with enchanting foliage.

The Whispering Glade: At the heart of Mistwood lies the Whispering Glade, an ancient grove of trees rumored to hold ancient secrets. It is said that the trees themselves speak to those who enter the glade, guiding them towards understanding the mysteries of the natural world.

Arcane Knowledge: Mistwood is renowned for being a repository of ancient knowledge and arcane lore. The Fautyr act as wise scholars and guardians of this knowledge, preserving ancient texts and sharing their wisdom with select visitors who prove themselves worthy of learning their ancient arts.

The Veil of Mist: A natural phenomenon surrounds Mistwood in an ever-present veil of mist, adding to the settlement’s aura of enchantment and mystique. It is believed that this mist holds magical properties, and travelers who venture into its depths may experience visions and revelations.

Skjald Vinotis


Lyra Whisperwind: Nature’s Ambassador

Early Life: Born in Rimhaven to a wealthy family of animists and shamans, Lyra Whisperwind displayed an innate curiosity and deep reverence for nature from a young age. As she explored the outskirts of Rimhaven, she became captivated by the beauty and mystery of Mistwood and the enigmatic Fautyr.

The Fautyr Encounter: During her adolescence, Lyra encountered the Fautyr, who welcomed her into their sanctuary with open arms. The Fautyr recognized her connection with nature and took her under their wing, teaching her the ancient art of communing with the forest and understanding the secrets of the natural world.

The Court Experience: Lyra’s profound knowledge of nature and diplomatic skills earned her a place in the court of Rimhaven as an ambassador and representative of Mistwood. Her time in the court was marked by her graceful poise, wisdom, and ability to mediate disputes among noble families and factions.

Bridge Between Worlds: Lyra played a pivotal role as a bridge between the nobility of Rimhaven and the reclusive Fautyr. Her presence in the court allowed her to advocate for the interests of the Fautyr and their homeland while fostering a greater understanding between the two worlds.

The Unveiling of the Mist: During one of her court experiences, Lyra unveiled the secrets of the mist that enveloped Mistwood. She explained its magical properties, and through her experiences, she encouraged Rimhaven’s nobility to embrace the mystical essence of the natural world.

Legacy: Lyra Whisperwind’s presence in Rimhaven’s court left a lasting legacy of harmony and understanding between the human inhabitants of Rimhaven and the reclusive Fautyr of Mistwood. Her wisdom and diplomatic finesse created an era of peaceful coexistence, enabling trade and cultural exchanges between the two communities. The Whispering Glade in Mistwood stands as a symbol of this newfound unity, where humans and Fautyr gather to share knowledge and appreciation for the beauty of the natural world.

Skjald Sigurd



The King or Queen rules a council… the Council rules as see fit… now al is chaos… the Royal Clover should quit…

Skjald Kazumix



Their capitol court has a good relation with Fautyrs.

Skjald Valgrif

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