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Vampire embraced, walks here in large numbers.”

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



First Age

Quite a lot of Kobold and Moss'Ari Tribes spread out in Uhmzel during the early centuries of the first age. Their preference for roughs and woodlands collided with Fautyr, Archaic, and T'Aurs. Tatongōl, Clovincaz, and Drakk Alfar on the other hand, had only good relations with them.

Quite a lot of inter-racial trade and breeding occurred during these times, producing quite a lot of mixed ones and Common Human. Each adding even more flavour to the cultural carpet of Uhmzel.

Then came the conflict over vampires, and many tribes sided, splitting the unity of and within many races.

Skjald Vinotis


Second Age

Vampires prevailed in the eradication attempt, and due to their luck, the energies released became too powerful, and everyone had to save the World. Ignoring the conflict’s origin. Vampires have never forgotten the aid from T’Aurs, Kobold, and Moss’Ari and have come to their aid whenever needed. This has created some rather large, strong Settlements of theirs.

Up through the age, they evolved in Skills, and their Crafters produce the most stunning Item and Objects.

Skjald El Mary


Third Age

Then came the The Bullheaded God and the Wanderers. Disrupting the dominance of both vampire and outstanding tribes due to their might and numbers. Soon the vampires had taken on a more secret existence, and the quality of items and objects was matched, especially by the Vular. Luckily for most, it merely meant that there was more trade, and stunning inventions saw the market.

But alas, the Vulars urge to surpass all others resulted in Recipe thefts, crafting copying, and eventually contesting the very existence of Ljost Alfar and Dwarves. Thus, the Vular War broke out and destroyed many a settlement and tribe.

Skjald Ulrich


Fourth Age

As Ljostari sank, the Deep Blue Tsunami swept the shores, destroying many settlements and coastal areas. Hundreds, if not thousands, of skilled crafters, workers, and Mana Manipulator saw their end. Some though, only for a short while, as their bashed broken bodies sprang alive once more, as Arisen. Touched by the tainted waters, these humans, along with a large number of ancestors, had their Spirit bach into broken or decaying remains, spreading fear and terror where they walked.

Thus, amidst the resquing and rebuilding, conflicts broke out, and a hunt for the walking dead surged across Uhmzel. In time, the Arisen managed to secure a few spots where they now exist alongside the living.

As the lands slowly rebuilt, the Arisen was somewhat bundled up, and daily life began to settle in. A new menace occurred as some figured out how to use the tainted waters to recreate themselves as Liches. A new dread even began to hunt vampires, and they hunted themselves. Luckily, it was few, and the duels were even rarer, so time passed and some tribe families amassed tremendeous wealth and power.

Skjald Valgrif


The powerful families began to clash in the 6th century; thus, the Age of Hordes was born. It lasted until 1250, when The Realm were created, and peace finally was laid like a soft carpet across the lands. Trade, wealth, and happiness thrived, but they only lasted until 1277. When The Great Invasion occurred, it disrupted everyone’s lives. Now it’s over, and we hope for peace again in these broken lands.

Skjald Yell’a’Beard







Generally, the entire of Uhmzel is back under its former local Regents control, who have all joined into a ruling council instead of warring since the realm and high kings are no more.

Skjald Sigurd



Plenty of ancient treasure, exquisite resources, and quests to take… But should I mention anything extra special… is the importance of having Silver weapons at hand…

Skjald Kazumix

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