Hunters of Remas are said to hunt with the Gods as their skills equal the divine ones.”

Skjald Ulrich



First Age

When the World was formed, the Divine Races placed several Void Gardens together at what would become Utari. A vast Isle of steppes and rolling hills farther than the eyes could see, with plenty of wildlife to be hunted as well as large predators and Monsters swapping the roles of Hunter and prey. Life was good under the Sun and Moon, and many Tribes grew to greatness.

Skjald Sigurd


For thousands of years, the Indigenous, Common, and N-Erectus enjoyed the hard but beautiful environment of what is now Remas. Thriving, trading, developing, and inventing things, life passed for generations. But alas, nothing good seems to last, and with a mighty blast, a war erupted in South Eastern lands, far beyond Midgard. Ljost- and Drakk Alfar had somehow become Vampire, mighty and powerful, they disrupted the balance of things, according to legend. The end result was a mighty disruption of our world.

Skjald Vinotis


Second Age

As the world tilted and much land sank beneath the sea, many realms and tribes perished, and eventually vampires arrived. Embracing local Nobility they gained foothold and managed to create a few strongholds and domains. Yet they kept the embracing to a minimum and only fed so they could survive, so the vampire hunts were few. Until The Bullheaded God arrived, a new age of conflicts amongst mankind began. Speaking of fed, I’m as thirsty as a dried-out ‘Vampalfar’, so let’s order some, shall we?

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


Third Age

With the arrival of the bullheaded god came also its followers and opponents, from below The Rim. Soon these Wanderers had established Settlements, grew in numbers, and influenced the daily life of every Race. Due to the Vulars urge to gain information, the Indigenous began to shun Wanderers in general, and the Common families had hard times finding acceptance. Some tried to hide their origin or heritage; others wore the mantle with pride.

Oh, that Vular pride! At some point, their pride had grown so much that they started a war against many races. Eventually leading to the downfall of their kin, the eruption of Mt. Vula and the Deep Blue Tsunami. A crazy mayhem that brought so much change.

Skjald El Mary


Fourth Age

As the coasts, settlements, and unknown burials were flushed by the tainted waters, long-dead ancestors and victims suddenly walked among them Arisen. What a fuzz they made, suddenly calling out Spirit Talkers as fake, cheating, imposters. Such a blast! I actually think they enjoyed defaming quite a number of swindlers. Yet, there was also the evil side of them, soon enough spiced by the Lich crazyness. It was hard for tribes to recover, but some surely did.

Around the year 650, some clans and tribes saw families rise and surpass the leaders of old. Soon, many families had grown into such power that they began struggling for countrywide leadership. Oh, so sad the Age of Hordes was—people who thought themselves protected one day, saw their leaders defeated the next, and with that themselves either enslaved, drafted, or killed. The brutality ran hard, and everywhere there were crusified, impaled, caged, hanged, and broken bodies. Surely it was a feast, for monster and beast.

But as some hordes gained enough power, peace slowly came to the lands, and raids stopped. Instead, things turned ugly at meetings and court hearings. The bright-headed and clever-mouthed fought wars of words. This twist of things was what led to the 1st Alliance and a final war to end wars—oh, the irony, and Godly jest.

The Great Invasion showed us all that the gods indeed are twisting things to suit their own internal contest. And although dangerous, there are more and more people speaking openly against energising them with praise Magic and Astravel. Arcane Magic, and Arcane Weaving are the paths out of their giggling insanity.

Skjald Sejrik





Strict tribal hierarchy is the mark of Remas; no one lives outside the embrace of others. A strong Empathy sense has bound tribes and N-Erectus together.

Skjald El Mary



Its the place in the world… aside from Mt. Vula… where Gods most likely are met…

Skjald Kazumix

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