BORN: 26/5 1164 FA Claun

RACE: Jomzaar

REALM: Cyan Mentalism

AURA: Green

HEIGHT: 194 cm




Gyron Lords Monster Hunter


One of the most talented trackers and wisest regarding Monster, this resilient Human is one of the best Monster Hunters ever.”

Skjald Ulrich



Fourth Age

The youngest child of a fishing couple, he had a rough time in the flock of 16 siblings. Every spot, task, and role was taken by one or more of the elder ones. So, he often spent his childhood at the rocky shore of Rims Bay, teasing the gods with bold jumps from ledge to ledge, seeking new paths to hard-to-reach caves. As time went on, he unharmedly encountered the oddest of fish and birdlike creatures and at times saw huge glowing eyes in deep waters or in caves and tunnels, so his boldness grew.

One day, though, a couple of glowing eyes from the darkness of a tunnel became a snapping mouth and ripping claws, seeking his throat and coveting his blood. Instead of becoming scared and loosening his grip and tumbling to his certain death at the rocks below, he gritted his teeth and, with one hand, secured his grip on life. With the other, he grabbed the surging creature and, with a smooth gesture, turned his upper body. The small monster held firmly, and as it passed, his mouth was chewed open at its disgusting neck.

Still sprawling slightly in his fist, it was presented to village elders, who all shook their heads in disbelief and pledged him to stop such adventures, as it would certainly end his life. Crawling the wilderness and notifying the horrors of human prey nearby should be avoided at all costs. Everyone hoped they would continue to feed on what the wilderness could bring.

Seeing their concern for him and their community, he finally felt valued and set his mind to a path very few ever dare walk. He wanted to become a monster slayer, find as many of these nasty things as he could, and rid the world of them.

Skjald Valgrif


In a few years, he was certain that he’d rid the shores and hillsides of Claun of every creature daring to stick its snout out or blink its greedy eye. And his physique clearly showed mountain climbing, running pursuits, and wrestling with fearsome horrors. He began travelling the paths of all West Fjella and East Fjella in pursuit of rumours, stories, tales, and whispers of odd things and dangerous places. One such story about an odd event led him to a recently discovered Astral Site/Gate in Usai discovered by a team of excavators paid by Longhorn, the former Stallari of Junnatu Weavers. There he met the legendary Wilson, who liked the young lad and shared with him the secret of Astral Site/Gate usage.

Skjald Ulrich


Skjald Huginn told me that he was visiting Longhorn and recording an excavation. That almost became the end of some of them, had it not been for Coposim, acting like he was a lad of mine or me in my younger days. Suddenly the portal lit up, and a huge elephant-like humanoid surged forward and took the chatting Wilson by surprise. Knocking him out, it went directly for Longhorn, who was standing nearby with Huginn, deep in studies of the excavation inscriptions and the various items found. Coposim didn’t blink but reacted with a speed matching mine as a young, agile huntsman. He sprinted in to cut off the charging foe from its prey, and he reached it, but only a few metres from the surprised former Stallari. As the monster felt his approach, it turned its head slightly, giving Coposim the opportunity he needed.

With a mighty jump, he darted upwards and grabbed its one tusk. Remembering all his cliff climbing, he swung hard, and as he pivoted around, landing as the huge creatures back, its tusk snapped. And with one hand clenching the foes ears and a snapped tusk in the other, Coposim drove the broken tusk deep into the eye and brain of the surging monster, who fell hard, momentum making it slide a few inches, stopping short at the feet of the surprised Longhorn and Huginn.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


I’ve been told that once, it was close for Longhorn and Huginn. But instead of dying, they could look at a huge Mammutan carcass and burst into great laughter about the swift reaction and ease of handling Coposim did the foe with. To the words of a recovered Wilson, “Now that was swift lad…” It’s said that these tusks Longhorn uses in his helm, and the broken tusk is the one Coposim has on his shoulder pad. None know, though, if they ever figured out why the monster rushed for Longhorn or Huginn at the table of found goods. But this episode did ensure Coposim free hunting possibilities for the rest of his life, as Longhorn gave him the right to wear his emblem as a token of his gratitude.

This allowed Coposim to travel all the realm, at times even hunting The Rim. There he met Themac of Ye Olde Zephyrs, who brought him to Zapri and the court of Black Oak. There he gained access to their library and learned not only about way more dangerous and odd creatures but also several languages. As he was a perceptive lad, he soon gained broad insight and surprised the sages, who invited him to the academies of Ri, Ea, the monastery of the Holy Star Order and even Mt. Vula. And when Black Oak was crowned as the High King, he also spent time at Grimsborg.

Skjald Valgrif


I’m told that just prior to the invasion, he managed to be hand-picked by the Gyron Lords as their monster hunter. Knowing their agent network was the most extensive in The Realm and that it most likely would bring him to monsters faster, he accepted… He was on a mission when the invasion struck. Killing off many of the Gyron organisation, crippling their researchers severely… I met him last year, and he told me he found it more important to fend off enemies than return to discuss things at the table. So he’s out there greeting friends and falling foes…

Skjald Kazumix


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