D.A. -12800


F.A. 1

F.A. 1881


S.A. 1

S.A. 1283


T.A. 1


“The discovery of Mana leaking from the Astral into our World is as such the first event we know of, albeit not when. But, we also know that ‘things’ existed at our plane prior this.”

Skjald Valgrif



D.A. -12800

Heiberg raise portal

D.A. -9460

Cromi empire

D.A. -3400

Moss'ari empire


F.A. 1

Wanderers cross The Rim

F.A. 1881

Ljostari sinks


S.A. 1

Mt. Vula erupts

S.A. 200

Kanziganthir is born

S.A. 480

Zizu is born

S.A. 518

Dawn Reborn is formed

S.A. 625

Junnatu Weavers is formed

S.A. 725

le Draugr Riders is formed

S.A. 750

Fur Oracles is founded

S.A. 760

Painbringer is born

S.A. 999

Wrekazi is born,

S.A. 1099

Bila ‘Ratchet’ Frett is born,

S.A. 1105

Sejrik is born

S.A. 1111

Murf'ar is born

S.A. 1120

Lionel is born

S.A. 1128

Meanbone is born

S.A. 1129

Ulrich is born

S.A. 1135

Wilson is born

S.A. 1137

Aragon is born

S.A. 1138

Bergon is born

S.A. 1139

Setil is born

S.A. 1141

Longhorn is born

S.A. 1144

Deepminded is born

S.A. 1147

Dogil is born

S.A. 1149

Counsel of Colours formed

S.A. 1151

Latinoor is born

S.A. 1154

Black Oak is born

S.A. 1156

Den Godan is born

S.A. 1158

Nahita is born

S.A. 1159

Herdsman is born | Krokus is born | Polski is born | Sigurd is born | Tuuna is born | Vinotis is born | Warlust is born

S.A. 1160

Testiculas is born

S.A. 1161

Baldur is born | Boneman is born

S.A. 1162

Kalmo is born

S.A. 1163

Gabz is born | The'D Fish is born

S.A. 1164

Coposim is born

S.A. 1165

Da'Vey is born

S.A. 1166

Gizmo is born | Nefius is born

S.A. 1167

Timberwolf is born

S.A. 1168

Crimsonhand is born | Jocky Chan is born

S.A. 1169

Brucester is born | Cronos is born | Regarir is born

S.A. 1170

Atallanti is born

S.A. 1171

Yell'a'Beard is born

S.A. 1172

Lord Nam is born

S.A. 1173

The Pilgrim is born | Themac is born

S.A. 1174

Doodman is born | Pakara is born | Ze Muff is born

S.A. 1176

Wolfhowl is born

S.A. 1181


S.A. 1184

Amras is born | Myth is born

S.A. 1185

Mayor Tri-M is born

S.A. 1188

Zambuk is born

S.A. 1196

Kaosfrog is born

S.A. 1197

F.F. Jaeger is born | Sessy is born

S.A. 1200

Zyr 'O' Loth

S.A. 1202

Valgrif is born | Bila ‘Ratchet’ Frett arrested

S.A. 1205

Kazumix is born

S.A. 1207

El Mary is born

S.A. 1220

Holy Star Order is secretly formed | Bila ‘Ratchet’ Frett pardoned

S.A. 1221

Bulls Order is formed

S.A. 1222

Holy Star Order is oficially formed | Regarir and Minuriol join Holy Star Order

S.A. 1223

Aragon and Kalmo join Holy Star Order

S.A. 1224

Warlust leaves Ye Olde Zaphirs

S.A. 1225

Berserk Masters founded

S.A. 1233

Holy Star Order claims the peninsula with Mukadall Monastery

S.A. 1236

Holy Star Order tries to establish at Island of Piecao

S.A. 1239

the Free city of Muldum is announced as free

S.A. 1250

The Realm established | 1st Fair of The Realm | 1st High King crowned

S.A. 1251

Holy Star Order visits Island of Piecao | Gizmo and Bergon join Holy Star Order

S.A. 1254

2nd Fair of The Realm | 1st High King reelected

S.A. 1258

3rd Fair of The Realm | 1st High King reelected

S.A. 1262

4th Fair of The Realm | 1st High King reelected

S.A. 1266

5th Fair of The Realm | 2nd High King crowned

S.A. 1270

6th Fair of The Realm | 2nd High King reelected

S.A. 1274

7th Fair of The Realm | 3rd High King crowned

S.A. 1277

The Great Invasion begins | 3rd High King slain

S.A. 1281

1st June, Battle of Weeping Plains is joined by; Berserk Masters, Fur Oracles, Junnatu Weavers, le Draugr Riders, Bulls Order, Holy Star Order, Dawn Reborn | 1st June Cleansing Oath given | 2nd June Cleansing Crusade starts | 2nd June Black Oak reinstated as 4th High King.

S.A. 1283

Cleansing Crusade end | High King Black Oak resigns | 31st December 1283 end of S.A.



1st January 1 beninning of T.A.

Skjalds Ulrich, Yell'a'Beard, Valgrif, Kazumix, El MarySejrikVinotisSigurd

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